Libec ALX S12 Slider (47")

Libec ALX S12 Slider (47")
Libec ALX S12 Slider (47")
AED 1,575.00

120cm/47" long slider with a payload of 15kg/33.0lb. (Mfr # ALX S12)

Key Features:

Roller Bearing Sliding System
33 lb Load Capacity on Flat Surfaces
43.5" Travel Distance
47" Total Track Length

WEIGHT 2.5kg / 5.5lb
SLIDING RANGE 1108mm / 43.5"
PAYLOAD 15kg / 33.0lb
RAIL LENGTH 1200mm / 47"

Libec ALX S12 Slider (47")
ALX SP Slider Platform
Dual-Base Tripod Mount Adapter
Tripod Mount Fixing Handle
Collapsible / Removable Tabletop Legs
Padded Nylon Carrying Case
Maintenance Kit
Standard Manufacturer's Warranty

The Libec ALX S12 is a 47" long camera slider that features two integrated 75mm ball bases with flat bottoms, allowing it to be supported by a pair of 75mm bowl fluid heads as well as flat-base heads. When used on tabletop or flat surface using, the slider has a maximum load capacity of 33 lb. For smooth and wobble-free operation, the carriage features eight roller bearings positioned on the rail top and along the sides at angles. A spring-loaded friction knob allows you to adjust slide tension, while a brake knob will lock the carriage in place at any point on the rails. Using a supplied hexagon wrench, you can adjust the pushing force that the ball bearing exerts on the rail.

At each end of the slider, there are 1/4"-20 and 3/8"-16 threads and a rosette for attaching various accessories. If you will be using the slider on the ground or tabletop, the slider features built-in legs with height-adjustable feet to accommodate non-level terrain. For compact storage, the legs fold up against the side of the slider, securing in place using thumb knobs. Unscrewing the knobs completely allows you to detach the legs completely and swap out the 47" rail for separately available 15.5" or 32.6" rail lengths.

Key Features

43.5" slide range with a 33 lb payload
33 lb load capacity when used on a tabletop or flat surface
Dual-base tripod mount adapter and bowl clamps for supporting slider using two tripods with either flat-base or 75mm ball heads
Eight high-performance ball bearings on the top and sides allow for smooth, wobble-free motion
Tension/friction knob, brake knob, and bubble level
47" rail can be swapped for optional 15.5" or 32.6" rail lengths
Collapsible tabletop legs for easy setup and storage
Height-adjustable feet
Includes padded carrying case with fixing handle and maintenance kit

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