Libec is a long-established manufacturer of video tripods, digital camera tripods, jib arm, remote head, tracking rail and more. We design, produce, and market a wide range of camera support equipment. UBMS have the largest collection of LIbec products in the Middle east . itially, the main lineup of Libec series were tripods and fluid heads for professional video users. Now, Libec has a wide range of quality camera supports including pedestal systems, tripod systems, a telescopic jib arm, a remote head, electronically-controlled products, dollies, tracking rails, slider systems and much more. Libec has not only achieved high repute in Japan, but also continuously gaining popularity worldwide. To satisfy customer demand, new products are always created by covering a wide range of themes such as product design, material research, and weight saving solutions to enhance functionality, operability, and durability. Libec shows consistent growth in recent years. In 2006, Libec Sales of America Inc., a wholly owned sales subsidiary of Heiwa Seiki Kogyo Co., Ltd., was founded in Los Angeles, California, USA, to nurture our sales and marketing business. Subsequently, in 2007, Libec Technology Taiwan Co., Ltd., another wholly owned manufacturing subsidiary, was founded in Taiwan to increase the manufacturing capacity outside headquarters in Japan. You can contact UBMS for all Libec products and we can assure the we can provide best price and fast delivery .