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UBMS (United Broadcast & Media Solutions) is founded & based in Dubai, has more than two decades of experience servicing the Broadcast & Media industries, offering the largest volume of products & services in the Middle East & Africa. UBMS’s product portfolio features more than 70 international brands like Sony, Arri, Dji, Zeiss, Sachtler, Oconnor etc

Sony FX9 Introductory Workshop


United Broadcast & Media Solutions (UBMS) once again conducted a successful and packed workshop introducing the Sony FX9 full frame camcorder on Wednesday 19th February 2020 . We are very thankful to all who attended . Get in touch with UBMS for more details about the Sony FX9.



The Aputure 300d II LED light is an incredibly powerful LED light fixture with a wide range of modifiers. Approaching the output of a 575W HMI with the 2x Fresnel attached, the 300d II packs a punch wherever you need it. Get in touch with UBMS for more information.

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UBMS is proud to be appointed a Codex Platinum Partner


UBMS is proud to be appointed a Codex Platinum Partner in the Middle East and Africa for the Codex Media Vault range of shared storage. The Codex Media Vault is a high performance desktop network attached storage device engineered specifically for video editing and content creation.

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