ARRI Cine Cameras

ARRI Cine Cameras
Browse through the range of Digital cinema camera from ARRI . Cine camera also known as movie camera , film camera or cinema camera . ARRI cinema camera designed for high -end cinematography to capture a motion picture using its high-end digital image sensors. UBMS is the authorized Dealer of ARRI in Dubai, UAE, GCC, Middle East & Africa . Please contact us for knowing the price and availability of ARRI cinema camera. We can provide low price for ARRI camera.
ARRI cinema cameras are ALEXA Mini LF (Large format, small camera ) , ALEXA LF(Enlarge your vision), ALEXA SXT W (Ready to unplug), Amira (Go anywhere, Shoot anything), ALEXA MINI (More than just camera )
  1. ARRI Alexa Mini
    ARRI Alexa Mini
  2. ARRI ALEXA Mini LF Camera (Body Only)
    ARRI ALEXA Mini LF Camera (Body Only)