Libec HS-150

Libec HS-150
Libec HS-150 Libec HS-150 Libec HS-150 Libec HS-150

Libec HS-150 High Performance Tripod System for SLR and Small Video Cameras

Libec introduced the new HS Series, a brand new collection of fluid heads and tripod systems. While succeeding with the fundamental concept of the Libec RS Series, the HS Series has newly designed fluid heads with enhanced user friendly features such as the built in Perfect Balance System, which enables the camera to be precisely balanced at any tilt angle. In addition, the fluid heads are designed with an advanced drag mechanism with super smooth pan tilt movements and improved backlash control, an easy to read counterbalance meter, an accessible Snap On/Off QR Plate, an Accessory Port, and more. Buy all Libe HS Series from UBMS Dubai.

With this new HS Series, there are 4 fluid head models, each designed with a wide counterbalance range. Amazingly, the base model head is designed to achieve Perfect Balance with even the lightest mirrorless camera configurations out there. UBMS have the largest collection Libec tripods in the Middle East.

Libec's stepless "perfect balance" feature ensures that the camera stops at any tilt angle. In operations that require delicacy, such as when leaning, the stress associated with spring bounce is released, enabling intuitive camera work at will.

Completely newly designed head

Due to the design with major improvements, the structure does not cause rattling of the pan and tilt due to aging, and it starts to move more smoothly and enables a cleaner stop operation.

It also includes many features that enhance user convenience.
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