Training Academy

UBMS Training Academy

The United Broadcast Training Academy was opened in 2014 at our Dubai HQ and is designed to provide industry professionals with certified workshops and training courses. Working in close collaboration with our partners and suppliers, the workshops vary in theme and application but they are all designed to provide professionals an opportunity to learn new skills and learn about new products and industry techniques. Many of the workshops are free of charge.

UBMS wants its clients to have the best possible range of services with real added value, which is why many of the workshops are free of charge. UBMS' goal is for its customers to understand that when you deal with UBMS, not only do you get the best and latest products at competitive prices, and not only is there an authorized service center that can address any of your after sales service needs, but also UBMS invests in its clients' development and growth because when its customers are successful, UBMS is successful.