Zhiyun Crane 2 Servo Follow Focus (Mechanical) (CMF-01)

Crane 2 Servo Follow Focus (mechanical) is a tailor-made external follow focus system for Crane 2 to control camera lens.
Crane 2 Servo Follow Focus is compatible with various camera lenses. Crane 2 can control both the Servo Follow Focus and the camera in the cable mode.

Wide Compatibility

Crane 2 Servo Follow Focus (Mechanical) Allows Real Time Focus for All Dslr and Mirroless Cameras.

Wireless Follow Focus

By Connecting Crane 2 to ZY Play APP, Various Options and Focuing Can Be Achieve via the Phone Wirelessly.

Clear System Status Indicator

The Red, Blue and Yellow System Status Indicators Clearly Shows The Stabilizer Status.

Quick Installation

Crane 2 Servo Follow Focus Adopts Fast Installation Design That Allows You to Mount in 60 Seconds.
Charging Voltage: 5V
Built-in Li-ion Battery Capacity: 300mAh
Weight: 176g
Gear: 0.8 Mod, 24 Teeth
Compatible Stabilizer: Crane 2
Charging Current: 1500mA
Charging Time: 0.5h
Size: 85*46*35.5mm
Standard Manufacturer's Warranty