Sachtler System Cine 7+7 FT MS

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Sachtler System Cine 7+7 FT MS

Sachtler 100 mm Cine 7+7  system with flowtech™100 carbon fibre tripod, carbon fibre mid-level spreader and side load plate

Key Features 

Cine 7+7 HD Fluid Head

  • Supports cameras with up to 22 kg / 48 lb
  • Side Load Mechanism
  • 16-Step Counterbalance
  • Wide Counterbalance Range
  • 7+0 Step Pan/Tilt Drag
  • Illuminated Bubble Level

flowtech™100 Tripod:

  • Deploy and adjust your tripod in an instant: Unique quick release brakes
  • Easy to transport and exceptional torsional stiffness: Ergonomic carbon fibre leg design
  • Capture extremely low and high shots: Versatile hinge lock mechanism
  • Superior performance and reliability: Extensive endurance and environmental testing

flowtech™100 mid-level Spreader

  • Fast and easy setup in narrow spaces or on uneven terrain
  • 4 locking positions offers stability in very small footprint
  • Central lock enables fast repositionsing
  • Carbon fibre arms