Synergy Silver Studio Package

Synergy Silver Studio Package
Integrated Digital Radio Studio - Silver
Categories: Radio

SYNERGY Silver is a totally integrated digital radio studio , with a fully-featured digital broadcast mixer and integrated suite of software tools.Suitable for Live Assist or Automated broadcast, and production. SYNERGY is extremely feature-rich yet extremely easy to use.The basic package is designed for self-op broadcast, though with the addition of an optional Talks Studio package, the tech-op style of broadcasting is possible. With spare inputs and outputs for the connection of additional equipment, and the ability to create unlimited numbers of User Presets, Silver is the ideal digital studio package for broadcasters of all types, operating equally well as a broadcast and production facililty.

Perfect for:

  • National, Regional and Local STATE Radio
  • Commercial Radio
  • FM and AM
  • Internet Radio
  • Educational Radio & Community Radio.

Product Benefits:

  • Master and slave Synergy Control Surfaces, MPU, PC and Touchscreen, plus:
  • Four broadcast microphones and stands
  • 4 pairs Beyer headphones and amplifier
  • Lumion Mic Live indicator
  • Contemporary studio furniture
  • Mains distribution and cables to connect the above items
  • Multiple analog and digital ins and outs for connection of additional equipment
Further Options:
  • The Silver studio package may be enhanced with the addition of the following:
  • Dedicated Talks Studio to operate in ‘tech-op’ mode 
  • A multi-line phone-in system with optional call-screning position
  • Additional equipment such as hard-disc and SD-based recorders 
  • An off-air receiver for confidence monitoring 
  • Studio Indicator Displays (right)
  • Acoustic wall panels (Clyde CATS Panels) to studio interiors to prevent the studios from sounding like bathrooms

The self-op studio requires a room of about 4m x 3.5m with a single 13A mains outlet.The Talks Studio and Tech-Op studios each need to be approx. 3m x 3.5m, each with a mains outlet as above.Silver is supplied with a very comprehensive installation guide and typically takes a day to install.

  • 16 Fader Digital Broadcast Mixer – fully assignable faders
  • SYNERGY Software Suite – with tools for record and edit, production and scheduling, live assist and automated broadcast
  • Rack-mount industrial PC with two dual digital soundcards
  • 22” touchscreen, mouse and keyboard
  • 2 x DJ CD player with fader start
  • 2 x telephone interface with GSM phones
  • 4 x cardiod condensor broadcast microphones, on arms/stands
  • 4 pairs broadcast headphones
  • Pair of monitor speakers
  • 2 x MIC LIVE indicators
  • Ergonomic technical furniture
  • All cable and connectors
  • Standard Manufacturer's Warranty