Synergy Bronze Studio Package

Synergy Bronze Studio Package

Integrated Digital Radio Studio - Bronze

Categories: Radio

A digital studio package suitable for use in Commercial, State, Community and Internet Broadcasters, as well as by Educational Organisations.

A single-control surface solution, the package includes the CORE Synergy components plus microphones and monitoring, a Mic Live indicator and Contemporary studio furniture, ready to add additional outboard equipment of your choice.

Product Benefits

  • Synergy Control Surface, MPU, PC and Touchscreen, plus:
  • Three broadcast microphones and stands
  • 3 pairs Beyer headphones and amplifier
  • Lumion Mic Live indicator
  • Contemporary studio furniture
  • Mains distribution and cables to connect the above items
  • Multiple analog and digital ins and outs for connection of additional equipment
  • 8 Fader Digital Broadcast Mixer – fully assignable faders
  • SYNERGY Software Suite – with tools for record and edit, production and scheduling, live assist and automated broadcast
  • Rack-mount industrial PC with two dual digital soundcards
  • 22” touchscreen, mouse and keyboard
  • 1 x DJ CD player with fader start
  • 1 x telephone interface with GSM phones
  • 3 x cardiod condensor broadcast microphones, on arms/stands
  • 3 pairs broadcast headphones
  • Pair of monitor speakers
  • MIC LIVE AIR indicator
  • Ergonomic technical furniture
  • All cable and connectors
  • Standard Manufacturer's Warranty