Sony RM-B170

Sony RM-B170
Sony RM-B170
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Sony RM-B170

Affordable handheld remote control unit for Sony studio cameras and camcorders

The RM-B170 remote control unit is the successor to the RM-B150. It provides an even more affordable solution for basic remote camera operations, with added features, including the remote control of media and the operation of clips of non-linear media. It can be directly connected to a camera or camcorder as a portable-type remote control unit or it can be connected to a CCU for use as a simple remote control panel. The RM-B170 can control a camera from a distance of up to 100m (328 feet) when connected directly to the camera.

For use with the following Sony cameras:

  • HDCAM camcorders: HDW-700A, HDW-650, HDW-750, HDW-F900/H/R
  • XDCAM HD422Professional Disc camcorders:PDW-680, PDW-700, PDW-F800
  • XDCAM HD422 Memory camcorders: PMW-300, PMW-400, PMW-500
  • XDCAM EX Memory camcorders: PMW-EX3, PMW-320, PMW-350, PMW-F3
  • Digital Cinematography & 4K XAVC :F23, F35, F65, PMW-F5, PMW-F55
  • Studio cameras: BVP-950A, BVP-750A, BVP-550/570, HDC & HXC series

Media and recorded files access and viewing at a distance

As well as camera painting adjustment, the unit can control media inserted in the recorder connected to camera or a camcorder. It also supports the operation of clips of non-linear media.

Control of automatic adjustment functions

The RM-B170 can perform automatic black/white adjustment of the camera.

Control of the ECS/ shutter function

The Extended Clear Scan (ECS) and electronic shutter functions of the camera can be turned on and off from the unit. It is also possible to adjust the ECS frequency and shutter speed.

Parallel operation with another control panel

When the unit is connected to a camera via a camera control unit, the camera can be concurrently controlled from this unit and another remote control panel, such as the MSU-1000/1500-series master setup unit or RCP-1000/1500-series remote control panel. This makes it an affordable solution for multi-camera shoots.*

*Some CCU model doesn’t support multiple control.

Guard to prevent unintended operation

A guard is in place around the buttons where operation by mistake might seriously affect camera operation or setups.

Monitor output or ‘control only’

The unit is supplied with an 10m interconnect 8 pin remote cable, which provides an analogue composite output for a picture monitor for all camcorder series (Down-converter must be enabled on HD models).

May be used in applications or in place of RCP-700 series remote control panels

The RM- B170 uses the new studio camera command system and may be used in applications or in place of RCP-700 series remote control panels.

Control of the Slow Shutter function

The RM - B170 can set the number of accumulated frames for a camera equipped with the SLS (Slow Shutter) function.

Assignable buttons

Various functions can be assigned to two buttons, which allows journalists live logging (shot markers) or camera function activation.

High brightness buttons

The operations buttons and controls on the front panel of the unit include buttons with Superluminosity LEDs, making them easy to identify in a low and high light environment and indicating the operation status by flashing or lighting. The brightness of the indicators can be adjusted.

GPI interface

External GPI Input/output (D Sub 9 pin connector) support Red and Green Tally outputs, a 12V DC input and a spare input for future use.

  • Sony RMB-170 Handheld Remote Control Unit
  • 32.80' (10 m) Interconnect Remote Cable
  • 1-Year Warranty on Parts & Labor
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