Sennheiser HSP Essential Omnidirectional Neckworn Microphone with 3-Pin LEMO Connector (Beige)

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The beige HSP Essential Omnidirectional Neckworn Microphone with 3-Pin LEMO Connector from Sennheiser has a flexible and ergonomic neckband design that adapts securely to a variety of head shapes and sizes, and offers a secure fit for maximum wearing comfort. It can be used to capture audio for live stage, broadcast, and speech applications.

The HSP Essential neckworn microphone delivers a natural sound, has a durable design, and is protected from sweat thanks to the ultralight umbrella diaphragm. The mic can handle maximum sound pressure levels for distortion-free reproduction of your audio applications. In addition, a soft pouch and a foam windscreen are included.

Thanks to its continuously adjustable neckband, the HSP Essential Omni adapts to any head size or shape. Once adjusted, it is barely felt, as it weighs only 25 grams and exerts very gentle pressure. The microphone boom can be positioned on either the right or left side depending on the user's preference.
Gives Weight to Every Voice
The HSP Essential Omni neckworn microphone features Sennheiser's high-quality condenser KE 4 capsule. It is omnidirectional and delivers a clear, warm and distortion-free sound, even with very loud voices. Its umbrella diaphragm also provides reliable protection from moisture.
Inconspicuous and Lightweight
All the components of the HSP essential Omni, such as the slim microphone boom, have been kept as small as possible so as not to be noticeable during use. Its lightweight, compact form factor is exceptionally robust and is designed for a long life-span. Should anything malfunction, the components of the HSP Essential Omni can be easily replaced.