Samyang XEEN 50mm T1.5 - Sony E-Mount

Samyang XEEN 50mm T1.5 - Sony E-Mount

Samyang XEEN 50mm T1.5 - Sony E-Mount

Key Features

  • Samyang XEEN 50mm T1.5 Cinema Lens
  • Manual-focus Cine lens with full-frame 36x24mm coverage
  • Maximum T-stop aperture: T1.5
  • Frame coverage 24x36mm
  • Focus type: MF (Manual Focus only)
  • X-Coating Technology for exceptional image quality
  • Focus gear ring and De-Coupled aperture gear ring for use with follow-focus rigs
  • Common front diameter, focus ring and aperture ring positions across all focal lengths
  • Circular aperture with 11 blades
  • Focus throw angle: 200°, Iris throw angle 40°
  • Dimensions: 11.76D x 12.17L cm (approx, dependent on mount)

The Samyang XEEN 50mm T1.5 is a dedicated professional cine lens for film and high end video production including 4K. As in all the XEEN series, the 50mm features a bright T1.5 lens with 11 aperture blades to create a pleasing bokeh effect for a cinematic look and superb optics for outstanding optical performance.

The optics are a masterpiece of design and a culmination of Samyang’s expertise in optical engineering. Guided by feedback from professional directors of photography, they were created to deliver the quality demanded by commercial and artistic productions. XEEN delivers superior optics, with bright T1.5 aperture and outstanding optical performance for 4K+. The cameraman is free to concentrate on the thing that matters; realizing their creative power. XEEN lenses feature declicked gear rings in identical locations, so that changing to another lens is fast and easy. A masterpiece of both form and function, the XEEN series aims to deliver unparalleled performance and affordability, to satisfy the needs of videographers and filmmakers, regardless of the situation or equipment.

The XEEN series feature unified attributes across the lens series including standard follow focus gearing, declicked gear rings in identical locations, so that changing lenses is no longer a hassle, focus throw angle of 200 degrees, aperture adjustment angle range of 40 degrees, and front lens diameter size of 114mm. In addition, the XEEN lens range feature special X-Coatings on the optical surfaces to ensure maximum image quality by minimising lens flare and ghosting.


Specs Table

Focal Length 50mm
Maximum T Stop T1.5
Frame Size 24mm x 36mm
Iris Blades 11
Angle of View - Full Frame: 46.2°
Angle of View - Super 35 31.2°
Angle of View - 1.5x Crop 30.8°
Angle of View - 1.6x Crop 29.0°
Angle of View - Micro 4/3: 23.6°
Focusing Range Infinity to 0.45m
Front Size: 114mm
Focus Angle 200°
Iris Angle: 40°
Size 117.6mm x 147.7mm
Weight 1165g

In the Box

  • 50mm T1.5 XEEN Cine Lens
  • Front and Rear Lens Caps