Matthews K-Stacker II

K-stacker II
Matthews K-Stacker II

Key Features:

Mount up to 3 LED Panels and Controllers
Horizontal or Vertical Positioning
Stand Mountable or Downward Mounting
The K-Stacker II mounts FreeStyle 31 LED Panels and 4ft/4Bank Fixtures in a tight array for more lumen punch. Mount up to three FreeStyle 31 LED Panels or two 4ft/4Banks in a row. The versatile design allows for vertical mounting on a light stand, or downward mounting like a space light from a studio grid.

Key Features:

• Mount three Kino Flo Freestyle 31 LED Panels
• Or Two Kino Flo four bank flouresent fixtures.
• Fixed 1-1/8” junior pin on one end, and dynamic junior pin in the middle.
• 5/8” baby pin on the top for light modifier and accessory placement.
• Works well with loboy combos, low boy juniors, slider stands, turtle bases, runway bases.
• Manufactured out of steel.

Now building multiples of the production world’s most popular and professional fluorescent fixtures into a compact configuration is easy, quick and cost saving thanks to MSE’s newest simple solution – The K-Stacker II.
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