Matthews Dutti Dock

Matthews Dutti Dock
Matthews Dutti Dock Matthews Dutti Dock Matthews Dutti Dock
AED 1,098.00
Dutti Dock
Lightweight Camera Docking Sled.
Matthews Dutti Dock
Standard Manufacturer's Warranty
The Dutti Dock is a camera docking sled that when paired with a Ronford Baker Quick Release Plate (RBQ) or similar locking plate, can convert medium weight light stand into a convenient camera support. Ideal for camera test bays, docking cameras between hand-held takes, or performing on-set camera maintenance, lens changes and data transfers. It is a safe and reliable alternative to the common practices of resting the camera on a knee or placing on carts, sandbags and apple boxes. Because the light stand base is smaller, lighter and faster to adjust and move than typical fluid head and tripod, it’s also great for positioning the camera during set lighting, talent blocking and rehearsals.

Features: Constructed from strong 6061 T6 aircraft grade aluminum
Long mounting slots for adjustable plate balance position
Rear cut out enables easy access to camera plate release
Removable adaptor connects to Baby Pin or JR Receiver lighting stands
(4) Removable hooks for hanging tools and camera accessories
Additional cheese plate holes for custom rigging options
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