Canon UHD DIGISUPER 27 4K Studio Lens

Canon UHD DIGISUPER 27 4K Studio Lens

Canon UHD DIGISUPER 27 4K Studio Lens (Semi Servo). 

Key Features:

6.5-180mm Lens for 2/3" Cameras
27x Zoom Ratio with 2x Extender
f/1.5 Max Aperture at 6.5-123mm
16-Bit Optical Rotary Encoders
4K Quality Retained when Using Extender
Servo System for Zoom and Focus
Optical Coating, Anti-Reflective Design

The UHD DIGISUPER 27 4K Studio Lens (Semi Servo) is Canon's flagship 2/3" box-style studio lens. This wide lens features a 27x zoom range (6.5-180mm) and a maximum aperture of f/1.5 at 6.5-123mm. When using the built-in 2x extender, the zoom range becomes 13-360mm. The UHD DIGISUPER 27 is constructed with a proprietary lens coating and anti-reflection materials, improving contrast and color reproduction, while minimizing ghosting and flares. The resulting images enhance your camera's HDR (high dynamic range) feature. The 4K-quality resolution is maintained even when using the UHD DIGISUPER 27's 2x extender.

This Semi Servo version of the UHD DIGISUPER 27 includes a ZDJ-P01 Zoom Demand, an SMJ-E01 Servo Module, an FFP-T61 Focus Demand, and a 36" Flex Cable. The lens is compatible with these and other established Canon servo components. The UHD DIGISUPER 27 also features 16-bit optical rotary encoders to capture the lens data required when shooting with virtual or robotic systems.

Key Features:

6.5-180mm zoom lens for 2/3" cameras with integrated 2x extender producing a 13-360mm range
Fast f/1.5 maximum aperture at 6.5-123mm and f/2.2 at 180mm, with f/3.0 at 13-246mm and f/4.4 at 360mm using the 2x extender
The lens's 4K UHD image quality is preserved even when using the 2x extender
16-bit optical rotary encoders capture lens data for use with virtual and robotic systems
Anti-reflective materials and a proprietary lens coating help to minimize internal reflections, ghosting and flares
Focus and zoom servo components are included; focus and zoom operation has been improved over prior models

Zoom Ratio


Focal Length

Normal: 6.5-180mm

With 2x Extender: 13-360mm

Maximum Relative Aperture

f/1.5 at 6.5-180mm
f/2.2 at 180mm

With 2x Extender:

f/3.0 at 13-246mm
f/4.4 at 360mm

Angular Field of View (16:9)

72.9 x 45.1° at 6.5mm
3.1 x 1.7° at 180mm

With 2x Extender:

40.5 x 23.5° at 13mm
1.5 x 0.9° at 360mm

Minimum Object Distance (M.O.D.)

2' (0.6 m)

Built-in Extender


Dimensions (WxHxL)

9.9 x 10.1 x 21.7" (250.6 x 255.5 x 550 mm)


47.4 lb (21.5 kg)

  • Canon UHD DIGISUPER 27 4K Studio Lens (Semi Servo)
  • ZDJ-P01 Digital Servo Zoom Demand
  • SMJ-E01 Servo Module
  • FFP-T61 Flexible Focus Controller for DIGISUPER Series Lenses
  • Flexible Cable for Flexible Zoom/Focus Control (36")
  • Standard Manufacturer's Warranty