Canon UHD DIGISUPER 27 4K Studio Lens

Canon UHD DIGISUPER 27 4K Studio Lens
Canon UHD DIGISUPER 27 4K Studio Lens Canon UHD DIGISUPER 27 4K Studio Lens
Canon UHD DIGISUPER 27 4K Studio Lens

Canon UHD DIGISUPER 27 4K Studio Lens (Semi Servo). 

Key Features:

6.5-180mm Lens for 2/3" Cameras
27x Zoom Ratio with 2x Extender
f/1.5 Max Aperture at 6.5-123mm
16-Bit Optical Rotary Encoders
4K Quality Retained when Using Extender
Servo System for Zoom and Focus
Optical Coating, Anti-Reflective Design

Zoom Ratio


Focal Length

Normal: 6.5-180mm

With 2x Extender: 13-360mm

Maximum Relative Aperture

f/1.5 at 6.5-180mm
f/2.2 at 180mm

With 2x Extender:

f/3.0 at 13-246mm
f/4.4 at 360mm

Angular Field of View (16:9)

72.9 x 45.1° at 6.5mm
3.1 x 1.7° at 180mm

With 2x Extender:

40.5 x 23.5° at 13mm
1.5 x 0.9° at 360mm

Minimum Object Distance (M.O.D.)

2' (0.6 m)

Built-in Extender


Dimensions (WxHxL)

9.9 x 10.1 x 21.7" (250.6 x 255.5 x 550 mm)


47.4 lb (21.5 kg)

  • Canon UHD DIGISUPER 27 4K Studio Lens (Semi Servo)
  • ZDJ-P01 Digital Servo Zoom Demand
  • SMJ-E01 Servo Module
  • FFP-T61 Flexible Focus Controller for DIGISUPER Series Lenses
  • Flexible Cable for Flexible Zoom/Focus Control (36")
  • Standard Manufacturer's Warranty

The UHD DIGISUPER 27 4K Studio Lens (Semi Servo) is Canon's flagship 2/3" box-style studio lens. This wide lens features a 27x zoom range (6.5-180mm) and a maximum aperture of f/1.5 at 6.5-123mm. When using the built-in 2x extender, the zoom range becomes 13-360mm. The UHD DIGISUPER 27 is constructed with a proprietary lens coating and anti-reflection materials, improving contrast and color reproduction, while minimizing ghosting and flares. The resulting images enhance your camera's HDR (high dynamic range) feature. The 4K-quality resolution is maintained even when using the UHD DIGISUPER 27's 2x extender.

This Semi Servo version of the UHD DIGISUPER 27 includes a ZDJ-P01 Zoom Demand, an SMJ-E01 Servo Module, an FFP-T61 Focus Demand, and a 36" Flex Cable. The lens is compatible with these and other established Canon servo components. The UHD DIGISUPER 27 also features 16-bit optical rotary encoders to capture the lens data required when shooting with virtual or robotic systems.

Key Features:

6.5-180mm zoom lens for 2/3" cameras with integrated 2x extender producing a 13-360mm range
Fast f/1.5 maximum aperture at 6.5-123mm and f/2.2 at 180mm, with f/3.0 at 13-246mm and f/4.4 at 360mm using the 2x extender
The lens's 4K UHD image quality is preserved even when using the 2x extender
16-bit optical rotary encoders capture lens data for use with virtual and robotic systems
Anti-reflective materials and a proprietary lens coating help to minimize internal reflections, ghosting and flares
Focus and zoom servo components are included; focus and zoom operation has been improved over prior models

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