Canon EOS C70 - Ready For Action

Developed with an idea of combining the Cinema EOS series with the EOS R series, the new EOS C70 4K Digital Cinema Camera delivers exceptional image quality and professional video features in a compact, mobile form factor. It's the first Cinema EOS camera with a built-in RF lens mount, a feature once exclusive to EOS R system mirrorless cameras. This allows users to access the superb lineup of Canon RF lenses and enter a whole new realm of creative possibilities.

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Featuring a Super 35mm Dual Gain Output (DGO) sensor capable of over 16 stops of total dynamic range, a DIGIC DV 7 image processor that helps enable 4K 120p High Frame Rate recording, Dual Pixel CMOS AF and more, the EOS C70 is the high-performance cinema camera that's ideal for documentary, news-gathering and corporate videos.

Key Features

  • Canon Super 35mm Dual Gain Output (DGO) Sensor, 16+ Stops of Total Dynamic Range
  • DIGIC DV 7 Image Processor
  • Canon Log 2, 3, PQ, HLG Recording
  • RF Mount
  • EF Lens Versatility with Mount Adapter
  • New Compact, Lightweight Design
  • 2x Built-in Mini-XLRs
  • Time Code Terminal
  • Built-in ND Filter
  • Dual Pixel CMOS AF, EOS iTR AF X, Dual Pixel Focus Guide
  • Electronic Image Stabilization with Combination IS
  • Dual SD Card Slots with Various Recording Options
  • High Frame Rate; 4K 120p and 2K CROP 180p
  • Look File for Recording (User LUT)
  • Long GOP Supported in 4K/2K

Canon Super 35mm Dual Gain Output (DGO) Sensor

The EOS C70 features Canon’s next-generation Super 35mm Dual Gain Output (DGO) sensor. This sensor is capable of a total dynamic range of 16+ stops and includes Canon’s exclusive Dual Pixel CMOS Autofocus technology. The DGO sensor is an imaging system that generates high dynamic range and maintains low noise levels by reading out each photodiode with two different gains. It combines the two with a saturation prioritizing gain for bright areas, and a lower noise prioritizing gain for darker areas.

EF Lens Versatility

In addition to RF lenses, the EOS C70 offers tremendousflexibility by also being compatible with Canon’s broad line of award-winning EF lenses thanks to the new EF–RF optical adapter (sold separately). The Mount Adapter EF-EOS R 0.71x converts light transmission from full frame to Super 35mm image format. It extends the angle of view and optical sensitivity, while seamlessly integrating with the camera’s optical corrections

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