Axel Technology XMAM


Archiving & Cataloging system for audio, video, images and documents. Single database. user. Designed for Internet/Intranet/LAN. Free WEB engine for browsing, preview, upload and download utility. Includes automatic format transcoding and import/export.

Categories: Drives & Storage

XMAM gives an high added value to your archive, extends its availability from anywhere and expands your power to share, access, distribute and sell multimedia contents, inside and/or outside of the company. As it has been design to be suitable for several purposes, such as multimedia archive and catalogue, newsroom or NLE, XMAM can be naturally integrated into any kind of existing workflow.

Key Features:

  • Web interface. No software installation required
  • Compatible with any Smartphone (iPhone, Android devices, etc.)
  • Access and use through any Web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome, etc.)
  • Supports all most popular file formats
  • Content upload from anywhere (Web, Lan, Wan)
  • Compatible with any Operative System (Windows, Mac, Linux, etc.)
  • Google&trade and YouTube&trade style search and preview
  • Multimedia: Video, Audio, Photo and Document
  • Content sharing over Internet, LAN, WAN
  • Workflow integration & customization