ARRI TRINITY 2 Hybrid Stabilizer

ARRI TRINITY 2 Hybrid Stabilizer
ARRI TRINITY 2 Hybrid Stabilizer

Key TRINITY 2 upgrades include a 16-pin main connector for faster data transfer, LBUS connectivity, and 12G ports for future-proofing with upcoming video standards. New SAM (stabilizer adapter mount) plates tailored to popular digital cinema and broadcast cameras enable quick top mounting and easy switching between the stabilizer and a tripod or another mount.

Limitless Motion

Create seemingly impossible moves along any axis using the TRINITY 2 stabilizer and your cine-style or broadcast camera. This vest and arm-mounted combination of the ARRI ARTEMIS 2 mechanical stabilizer and the TRINITY 2 electronic gimbal ring is especially suited for transitioning between high and low modes or vice versa.

360° Camera Rotation/Redesigned Head

This 2nd generation TRINITY offers 360° camera rotation with a selection of detachable cables that enable a greater number of turns. The redesigned head is now completely symmetrical, evening out the rig's weight distribution to enable smoother whip-pans and to lessen imbalances during high-speed moves. A new rod design provides greater clearance between your camera and the base of the head and the gimbal motors are now located at the bottom of the head, enabling you to offset their weight by positioning your FIZ motors at the top of the head.

Head Interfaces

Operator-friendly TRINITY 2 updates include moving all the sockets to the back surface to lessen the setup time, adding a cutout on the motor housing so the position marks are easier to view, a left-side radio module bracket, a spirit level on the back, and increasing the number of accessory interfaces and counterweight mounting points. The head display screen features an improved GUI and 12G video, LBUS, and broadcast-type ports to ensure compatibility with an array of camera components.

Top Stage

The new top stage outputs both 12 and 24V to power the latest cine-style cameras and incorporates a 16-pin main connector for faster data transfer. Positioned at the bottom of the rig when in the TRINITIY 2 configuration, the top stage now has engraved connection indicators to speed your setup. Up to three of the new SAM ZERO camera plate cans be stacked on the top stage to raise smaller cameras up to the proper height while adding some needed weight. Attach 3/8"-16 screw-in weights using the multiple threads on the SAM plates to counterbalance the rig.

Versatile 12/24V Battery System

The new 19mm rod battery support system lets you combine 12 and 24V batteries and features easy, clamp-on mounts that have interchangeable B-Mount, Gold mount, and V-Mount plates. The detachable rods enable you to select carbon fiber, aluminum, or steel rods that function as counterweights with a wider distribution pattern than that provided by a single, heavier battery. A side power input and on/off control enable you to use the TRINITY 2 head as a standalone unit without the ARTEMIS 2. The new battery hanger uses up to three batteries and the bottom sled features a self-leveling display that automatically flips depending on the orientation and that goes dark when the display is facing your talent. Rotating connectors on the bottom sled enable the cables to be dressed neatly while eliminating pressure on the connectors.

Hands-On and Remote Control
  • Operators can use the new Master Grip TRINITY for intuitive hands-on control or control can be split off to an assistant using the redesigned RCP-3 control panel.

Master Grip TRINITY

Based around a reliable Microforce joystick, the LBUS Master Grip incorporates two individual joysticks, a gimbal bracket, a SmallHD monitor bracket, and six buttons that are user assignable to tilt, roll, and zoom. The brackets rotate to any angle and the joysticks rotate separately to accommodate the size of the operator's hand.

RCP-3 Remote Control Panel

The touchscreen RCP-3 control panel uses a super-fast processor that enables standalone system startups and on-the-fly adjustments during a move. An intuitive interface enables users to quickly become familiar with the menus and function adjustments. This compact TRINITY 2 brain features a four-section screen, LBUS connectivity, assignable functions, and an adjustable sleep mode that ensures the screen is not reflected in your shot.

Compact Pendulum

The redesigned, more compact pendulum features a clamp-on design that both speeds its setup and makes it compatible with the first generation TRINITY rig. It incorporates four 3/8"-16 mounting points that accept the screw-in counterweights.

  • ARRI TRINITY 2 Hybrid Stabilizer
  • TRINITY 2 Head
  • Master Grip TRINITY
  • Remote Control Panel
  • Pendulum
  • Lower Sled
  • Limited 1-Year Warranty
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