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  • Good variety of equipment at good prices. Customer service quality is excellent and my overall experience with UBMS has been very positive. "       Oday Abid AL - Thagafi

  • Welcoming customer care, and bargain prices but most importantly UBMS has good quality products. "                                                                                                              Frank Ssebuguzi - Bin Thani Cargo

  • I trust the UBMS guarantee that's why i like dealing with them and i love the fact that UBMS has such a large showroom where i can browse and see many products. "       Shovakat Rikhsitillaev - Director

  • UBMS has quality products and excellent delivery standards. They have a trustworthy and reliable service. "                                                                                          Nelson Nkwenti - Total Integrations Solutions

  • Prices are competitive and their service is dependable. I see myself working with them for the long run. "                                                                                        Abdul Hameed - Global Camera Service (GCS)

  • Excellent collection of products and a great variety of choices. I appreciate the type of relationship I have with them and I look forward to continue working with them. "       Parag Savla

  • The customer relationship is excellent, ofcourse they have also competitive prices which makes my decision easy. I strongly recommend UBMS. "       Albert Amonoo - Studio Engineer

  • Their response time was amazing and their customer service was on point. Follow up was efficient and as a result I look forward to dealing with them for the long run. "       Naizi Nasser - Cinematographer

  • I appreciate the fact that UBMS has such a large variety of Sony professional equipments and their prices are the most competitive. Most of all I know I am getting genuine products. "       Thomas Kochummen

  • I enjoy dealing with UBMS for a variety of reasons such as their technical support, competitive prices, and quality service. I strongly recommend them. "       Guruvel Gurunathan - Cameraman, Moon TV LLC

  • I appreciate UBMS for their efficiency and service, also they are always up to date with the latest products and promotions. "       Ahmed Mohammad Hassan - TV cameraman

  • Quality service, fast response time, and they have a lot of professional equipment that meets my requirements. Overall great company! "       Benny Thomas - Cameraman

  • UBMS has helpful staff and I usually find what i need. They have a wide range of products and a service I can depend on. "       Rima Dandan - Golden Lens photography and events

  • UBMS is known for their affordable prices and their staff are very welcoming and proactive in their customer service. "       Mohammad Gaballah - Director

  • I can say that everything is available at UBMS and their prices are competitive. "                                                                                                                                            Issa Abakarh

  • UBMS has great customer service and provides a personalised experience. I definitely have all the reasons to work with them again. "       Shema Luyombya Katende - Yego TV

  • I love the fact that everything is under one roof and that the prices are great. I intend to always come back to UBMS for my equipment requirement needs. "       James P. Eliyas - Tarkeez Media Productions

  • I really liked how professional yet so friendly the crew in UBMS, It's hard to find people like this nowadays. "                                                                                                          Christopher Kechichian

  • Excellent service and after sales service. Sales staff are well informed and act as true consultants. I appreciate the vast variety of products that they have and I am happy to deal with UBMS for my equipment requirements. "                                                                                                            Hasan Aslan - Camera Operator

  • Staff are excellent, prices are competitve and the overall service is wonderful. "                                                                                                                                    Rashad Aslanov - Editor

  • It’s refreshing to know that right around the corner (although I work in Qatar), there is a professional company that can provide me with efficient advice for my equipment needs. I am very happy with UBMS and strongly recommend working with them. "          Carlos Conti - Cameraman

  • I always trust that any requirements and equipments that we need to purchase, for Branding or Film production are always Available in UBMS and i really don't need to think twice about them, frankly they never failed me whether i was picky or not. "          Bachar Alasad - Creative Director

  • The greatest thing about UBMS is being able to have a strong relationship with their staff. Its not a customer, sales dynamic. But rather a relationship built to continuously understand the challenges that you face in getting the right products for the right productions. "       Ziad Oakes - DOP

  • As a Content Development Manager I need to be aware of the newest technologies that will help me in turning ideas into actions and beautiful images. UBMS is the ideal place to stay updated and linked to the latest media technologies. "           Bassam Alasad - Content Development Manager

  • In all honestly I'm very grateful to have dealt with UBMS. Their customer relation and quality of service is outstanding. I'm the type of person that will always be loyal to a company that's honest and professional. I'm looking forward to purchasing future products definitely! "       Haider Al Ameir


United Broadcast Medical Products

United Broadcast & Media Solutions

Dubai’s Best Choice for Pro Video Equipment

In our modern world, everything is moving at a fast pace. As a professional videographer, you want to do what you can to capture the true essence of the world and those around you in stunning high definition. One of the best ways to make that happen is to have pro video equipment and accessories on hand.

Professionals from Dubai and the region know that they can depend on United Broadcast for high quality equipments such as camcorders, lenses, lighting elements, camera support systems, post production software’s and hardware’s, wireless transmission, teleprompters as well as many other professional equipment categories. For instance, when there is a need to read lines in a studio environment, the best choice is a teleprompter.  Professionals will find that United Broadcast is a premier choice for these Teleprompters and all other types of Studio equipment. Of course Teleprompters is a small part of the product offering UBMS can provide to its valued clients, and if anything UBMS is known to provide its clients with a vast variety of options for Professional equipment that can cater to all types of equipment requirements that is required in an industry as face paced and evolving as ours.

For a high quality Sony video camera Dubai professionals and professionals from the region should ensure that we’re their first call. If you know what you are looking for, stop by or call us and let us know what you are looking for. We’ll work closely with you to ensure that your professional video equipment needs are being met. If you are on the fence about an item, we can help you to gain a better understanding of your options and help to ensure that you know what you are buying, so you have peace of mind with the purchase.

We can provide you with a world-class professional video camera capable of delivering crisp, high-definition images regardless of shooting conditions at a price you can be most comfortable with. Whether you are shooting a fast-paced action scene or a quiet moment by a calm and still lake, you can expect vividly vibrant images from any professional video camera in our product line. Our professional-grade cameras feature all the basic qualities you need in a professional video cam:

Lens adapters
Filter ring
Audio input and control
Built-in headphone jack
Manual iris and focus
White balance
3 CCDs

United Broadcast is the leader for all your pro video equipment needs. If you are in the market for new equipment, contact us today and let us help you to take your equipment to the next level. After all, you’ll want to ensure that the video content you are capturing is at the highest level possible.