ALEXA Mini LF Software Update Package (SUP) Mini LF 6.0.22

ARRI is releasing ALEXA Mini LF Software Update Package (SUP) 6.0.22, an update to the production software for the ALEXA Mini LF. This update improves general system stability and changes the Compact Drive status indicator LED behavior.

ALEXA Mini LF SUP 6.0.22 Features and Changes Overview

A more detailed listing can be found below in the section "New Features and Changes in ALEXA Mini LF SUP 6.0.22".

  • Codex Compact Drive status indicator LED will more accurately show when it is OK to remove
  • Significant bug fixes and improvements to the overall system stability


For all ALEXA Mini LF owners we very strongly recommend updating to Mini LF SUP 6.0.22.

  • We do not recommend installing a new SUP in the middle of a production. The only exception is if any of the errors described in "New Features and Changes in ALEXA Mini LF SUP 6.0.22" below prevent you from continuing to use a camera. In that case, installing Mini LF SUP 6.0.22 is recommended.
  • ALEXA Mini LF SUP 6.0.22 can be installed on all previously shipped ALEXA Mini LF cameras, however, we recommend updating from SUP 6.0.21 to 6.0.22. If your camera is not running Mini LF SUP 6.0.21, please update it to 6.0.21 before updating to 6.0.22. Mini LF SUP 6.0.21 is still available in the "SUP Download Archive" located at the bottom of the Mini LF SUP 6.0.22 web page.
  • When updating from any earlier Mini LF SUP to Mini LF SUP 6.0.22, make sure to NOT have any LBUS devices connected to the camera, as that would cause the update to fail. This is caused by an unfortunate bug in Mini LF SUPs ≤ 6.0.21. However, as there is no updated software for any LBUS devices included in Mini LF SUP 6.0.22, there is also no need to attach LBUS devices. This bug is fixed in Mini LF SUP 6.0.22, so, when updating from Mini LF SUP 6.0.22 to any future version, you can (and should) connect LBUS devices to make sure they are running the latest software.
  • Please note that the viewfinder might switch off during the update process and doesn’t give a visual feedback of the update all the time. Make sure not to power off the camera during a SUP update. Detailed instructions for the update process can be found at the end of this document.


While it is possible to downgrade ALEXA Mini LF cameras to previous SUP versions from this version, we strongly recommend against this, since this SUP includes important bug fixes and significantly enhances stability.

Codex Compact Drive 1TB Update

A firmware patch is now available to address a firmware error with Codex Compact Drives with the serial number range from 10020001 to 10022568. Drives outside this serial number range already run the latest firmware and require no update. On rare occasions, this firmware error could cause a Compact Drive to take a long time to load in the camera, Dock or Reader, not load at all or result in the camera status "INVALID". For all ALEXA Mini LF owners we recommend updating their Compact Drives to this new firmware. To have the update installed free of charge, affected drives can be sent to any Codex or ARRI Service station. . UBMS is the CODEX Silver partner in UAE , so that for any query regarding Codex Storage or Arri Camera you can send to UBMS.
Please note that Mini LF SUP 6.0.22 will not update Compact Drives. ALEXA Mini LF cameras running SUP 6.0.22 are compatible with Compact Drives with and without the update. More information can be found on the ARRI Website here

Software Compatibility Notes

Please update the ARRIRAW Converter (ARC) to at least version and ARRI Meta Extract (AME) to version to support files recorded with ALEXA Mini LF cameras with SUP 6.0 or later installed.
Please note, that macOS X version 10.14.4 or later is required to successfully transfer data from a Codex Compact Drive with the Codex USB-C Compact Drive Reader, or the SXR Capture Drive Dock with the Compact Drive Adapter. Using older versions of macOS will result in a copy error for files larger than 9.66 GB.
Please note that macOS X version 10.15 with the Apple MXF plug-in installed (part of “Pro Video Formats 2.1”) is required to play back downloaded MXF/Apple ProRes footage in Apple QuickTime Player. UBMS can give best price for Arri ALEXA Mini LF cameras.

A document providing an overview of postproduction tools that support files recorded with ALEXA Mini LF cameras ("ALEXA Mini LF Supporting Tools & Software Overview.pdf") can be found in the download section of the ALEXA Mini LF SUP 6.0 webpage.
Sample footage shot with the ALEXA Mini LF camera can be downloaded here. I f you want to get more information about price and availability you can visits our Dubai Showroom or contact through online .


If you have not done so already, please make sure you register your camera using our online customer registration. Your registration ensures that you receive information about future software updates as soon as they are available. If you register your new camera within 1 month of purchase, you will get a 6-month extended warranty for free. You can find the registration here.

For more information on the camera, please visit ARRI ALEXA MINI LF AND LENS MOUNT SET (LPL) or Alexa mini LF (Body Only )