System Integration


Professional Services and Systems Integration

Our Systems Integration Division offers a complete range of services to help with every type of project, including Consultation, Design, Installation, Project Management, Commissioning and Training. Whether your project is “Green Field’, upgrading an existing facility or migrating to more suitable premises, whether you are looking for a complete turn-key solution or you need to buy a camera and a lens, UBMS has the experience and knowledge to deliver your project on time and on budget. We are experienced in many disciplines including Broadcast, Production and Post-production, Education, Entertainment and offer a full range of Services and Products, covering every type of production requirement including, acquisition, ingest, presentation, post-production, play out and archive. This makes us one of the most competitive Systems Integrators in the Middle East and a leading distributor of Broadcasting & Media Professional Equipment.

A Revolution In Lighting

Production and studio lighting technology is undergoing the most significant transformation in over a century. Relatively low power, portable LED lighting solutions have of course been on the market for more than a decade, but suffered limited power, limited size, and inaccurate or poor spectral performance.
The has changed with the arrival of truly accurate, and fully color tunable RGBW LED lighting from ARRI offering significant power output in the form of both large aperture soft lights; the ARRI Skypanel family, and ARRI L-Series Fresnels. There is a technological theme running through all of this, and that is the rise of computers and software in places we never thought we’d find them. Lighting is one surprising place where the integration of a micro-controller and clever control software (a “light engine”) has transformed the humble LED light panel into a creative tool the likes of which we’ve never seen.
Using software to map and control individual red, green, blue and white LED chips, ARRI are able to implement calibrated, truly accurate CCT curves over a wide color temperature range with +/- green in an LED lighting fixture.
It is also possible to dial in virtually any color, and imitate entire gel libraries. Special effects and any number of control protocols have been added in firmware updates.
This kind of precision and control is the future of lighting whether in studio or on location, and has never been possible before.

Our Team

The success of UBMS can be partly attributed to the skills and knowledge of the people that work for and represent it in the market. People are the strength of any progressive company and UBMS is very strong in that sense. At UBMS, most of our staff came to us directly from related industries and have brought a wealth of front line knowledge and experience with them. The combined knowledge of these experienced professionals has made us one of the leading sources for broadcast systems integration in the Middle East and Africa.

Project Sales

Our Sales Philosophy is: Provide technical expertise and strong product support. As such, our team of sales professionals possesses a wealth of front line industry knowledge and technical experience from across the region. They are dedicated to providing the latest information on industry innovations and assist clients in embracing new technologies while helping to develop system solutions that will meet their operational needs. Your comprehensive engineering and documentation design package begins with:

• Design consulting and needs analysis
• Budget planning and analysis
• Conceptual systems design
• Ergonomic and infrastructure requirements study

We finish the job with:

• Detailed systems CAD documentation package
• Equipment procurement
• Turnkey installation
• Full configuration set up and functional testing
• Comprehensive on and off site training
• Maintenance and warranties

Project Management

Our Project Managers oversee the activities of each project and ensures that everything is completed on time and within budget. With over 20 years of experience, our Project Managers have invaluable knowledge and skills to identify and coordinate critical tasks. They create and manage timelines, task schedules and outlines for status meetings and technical sessions while monitoring progress, troubleshooting and managing the contractual issues of the project, such as change orders, billing, etc. UBMS has an excellent track record of meeting critical on air dates, often under less than ideal circumstances.

System Design

Our in-house CAD team of designers has architectural and technology design backgrounds. The Designers not only work with our own sales representatives and project managers, but also with clients' technical people to produce drawings that reflect the clients' concept, equipment selection and desired functionality. The Senior Engineer is an active participant in the installation phase, working with the installation crew to address questions and/or concerns with the functional drawings.

Installation, Commissioning and Training

UBMS has a full slate of in-house Technical Support and Installation staff. Each Technician receives manufacturer's product and technical training on a regular basis to remain proficient in installation as well as handling any technical matters that may arise with the products supplied. The Site Manager coordinates the installation technicians and communicates on a daily basis with the Senior Engineer regarding the progress and material requirements in order to achieve the milestones on time.

Service and After Sales Support

Over a third of our staff is dedicated to the support of the systems and products that we provide. Our Service Support staff have expertise in the broad spectrum of product lines that we carry, tends to clients' questions, concerns and equipment needs. They respond to on-site warranty/non-warranty service requirements and provide on-going system preventative maintenance support, as well as bench service. Our service support personnel endeavor to support all our clients' requirements.