Teradek RT MDR-M Wireless Lens Control Kit with 4-Axis Transmitter

Teradek RT MDR-M Wireless Lens Control Kit with 4-Axis Transmitter
Teradek RT MDR-M Wireless Lens Control Kit with 4-Axis Transmitter Teradek RT MDR-M Wireless Lens Control Kit with 4-Axis Transmitter Teradek RT MDR-M Wireless Lens Control Kit with 4-Axis Transmitter
AED 19,084.00
Mfr # 15-0014

Teradek RT MDR-M Wireless Lens Control Kit with 4-Axis Transmitter

Teradek RT (15-0014) MDR-M Motor Kit with LATITUDE MDR-M Receiver and MK3.1 4 Axis Controller. This is a complete single motor RTMotion system with LATITUDE MDR-M Receiver and MK3.1 Controller. Simply add any additional motors, run/stop cables, power options and accessories your specific setup requires.

Key Features 

  • Supports all current and future LATITUDE features & integrations
  • 2-Channel Latitude Receiver
  • Cinema quality wireless control of PL glass - Supports up to two motors
  • RTMotion’s smallest and lightest LATITUDE platform receiver, perfect for gimbals, drones etc
  • Worlds first brushless vector drive lens motor
  • Approx. 3000' Range
  • Wireless controller with four customisable axes (Knob, Slider, Wheel A, Wheel B)
  • Well over 1km rock-solid wireless range, ideal for busy cities, stadiums and other harsh RF environments
  • Expandable with Motors and Thumbwheels
  • 4-Axis MK3.1 Transmitter/Controller

Specs Table

RF Handset Support RTMotion Controller MK3.1
  MoVI Controller
Integrated Radios RTMotion FHSS 2.4GHz
  WiFi 2.4Ghz
Latency 2 ms
Certifications FCC/IC/CE
Mounting Options 3 x 1/4"-20 holes
1 x lanyard mount
Accessory Support RTMotion Motor MK3.1
  RTMotion Thumbwheel
  RTMotion Smartknob
  RTMotion Zoomrocker
RT Latitude MDR-M Receiver (1-2 Axis)  
Operating Temperature Range -4 to 122°F (-20 to 50°C)
Storage Temperature Range -40 to 185°F (-40 to 85°C)
Dimensions 3.9 x 1.9 x 0.9" (100 x 48 x 22 mm)
Weight 3.7 oz (106.3 g)
RT MK3.1 Brushless Lens Motor  
Maximum Torque 2.2 nm
Dimensions 4.5 x 1.6 x 1" (115 x 40 x 26 mm)
Weight 7.5 oz (212 g)
RT Latitude MDR Motor Cable (12"

In The Box

  • 1 x Lens Motor, 15/19mm rod motor bracket, 0.8 lens gear [15-0025]
  • 1 x MK3.1 Controller [15-0001]
  • 1 x MDR-M Receiver [15-0008]
  • 1 x Latitude Motor Cable 30cm [11-1389]
  • 1 x Latitude DTAP Power Cable [11-1378]
  • 1 x 2m Controller Wired Mode Cable [11-1413]
  • 1 x RTMotion Case [11-1416]
  • 1 x Receiver rod clamp [11-1439]
  • 1 x RTMotion Neck-strap [11-1443]
  • 1 x LP-E6 Duracell Battery [14-0014-1]
  • 1 x LP-E6 Travel charger [14-0015]
  • 3 x White disc [21-0501]

The Latitude-M is a best-in-class 2-channel wireless lens control system for cinematographers and independent content creators. It has an operational range of up to 5000ft (1.5km) and fits seamlessly onto any industry standard camera due to its incredibly small and lightweight receiver. Built for the most demanding applications, the Latitude-M controls focus, iris, and/or zoom with absolute precision using 2 brushless motors that offer faster response, smoother operation, and 4x the service life of brushed motors. Its 4-Axis controller is fully configurable and utilizes FHSS (Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum) over the 2.4GHz band to avoid interference in extremely challenging RF conditions. The Latitude-M integrates with all RED DSMC and DSMC2 cameras, allowing users to control EF/AF lens focus/iris with their own internal motors, as well as camera shutter, ISO, and button features (2x magnification, edge, focus assist). Additionally, Foolcontrol users can make use of Latitude-Ma built-in WiFi to connect to the camera.

4-Axis Controller

The 4-Axis Controller gives you extraordinarily precise control over your lens with 4 mappable axes (knob, slider, 2x wheels) and a rugged chassis that fits comfortably in your hands. Its FHSS wireless system effectively cuts through the toughest interference and transmits latency-free commands over the 2.4GHz band at up to nearly 5000ft (1.5km). Mounted at the top of the controller is an OLED screen with intuitive menu system for calibration and reference, while the back of the controller features a removable Canon LP-E6 battery, which offers up to 36 hours of continuous runtime.

Latitude-M Motor Driver Receiver

The Latitude-M motor driver receiver is lightweight and compact, allowing it to be easily mounted to any industry standard camera. It supports up to 2 motors for FI+Z control (Focus, Iris, and/or Zoom) and includes run/stop support for all industry standard cameras. The system receives commands from any Teradek 4-Axis or 6-Axis Controller at up to 5000ft (1.5km) away and includes automatic or manual (softstop) calibration with a proprietary algorithm for torque control and lens protection.

MK3.1 Brushless Lens Motor

The MK.3.1 Brushless Motor is a revolution in wireless lens control, offering superior response, smoother operation, and 4 times the service life of brushed motors. The motor never cogs, sparks, or skips and operates nearly silently, even at high speeds.

  • Adjustable motor response for silky smooth to quick and sharp moves
  • Drive gear can be mounted on either side
  • Lightweight, compact chassis design with super thin and flexible cables
  • Support for 15mm/19mm rods with good height adjustment
  • Full range of gears available
  • 2.2Nm maximum allowable torque
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