Steadicam M-2

Steadicam M-2
Steadicam M-2 Steadicam M-2 Steadicam M-2 Steadicam M-2 Steadicam M-2

Steadicam M-2


The M-2 is designed as a light weight sled for operators not requiring the full load carrying capabilities of the M-1 and does not replace the M-1 but rather supplements it creating an “M-Series” of Steadicam sleds. Although light weight, the sled retains many features of the M-1 and some new technology including the possibility to integrate the Volt control board within the stage itself. Many parts will be interchangeable with M-1 parts either for existing M-1 owners who see the benefit or new purchasers who may want to retain particular features of either sled. Main features of the M-2 are:


  • Brand new stage designed to for minimum height profile allowing the gimbal to be set as close as possible to the lens centre.
  • Available as either tilting or fixed stage (tilt is both positive and negative).
  • Stage may incorporate the Steadicam Volt control board.
  • Light in weight.
  • Multiple video inputs and power outlets including P-tap.


  • Carbon fibre two stage.
  • Integrated electronic connection for plug and play.


  • Integrated Volt pan encoder.

Monitor Mount

  • Versatile, very adjustable monitor position.
  • Light weight using 60mm centres.
  • Universal Monitor mount.


  • Lightweight.
  • Multiple power and video connections.
  • Dual battery holder for 12 volt parallel and 24 volt series.
  • Hotswap facility.
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