Soliton Smart-telecaster Zao H.265 Mobile Video Streaming

Soliton Smart-telecaster Zao H.265 Mobile Video Streaming
Soliton Smart-telecaster Zao H.265 Mobile Video Streaming

Soliton Smart-telecaster Zao Specs Table

Video Codec H.265 Main Profile
Video input resolution HD-SDI, HDMI, 1080i 59.94/50, 720p 59.94/50, 480i /59.94, 576i /50
Video formats HD-SDI, HDMI, PAL/NTSC
Audio Codec Vorbis
Audio Input Embedded Audio
Multilink Up to 7 lines; 6 x 3G, 4G,LTE, Wireless LAN, 1 Wired LAN
Supported Networks CDMA, 3G, 4G,LTE, Wi-Fi, Wired LAN, Inmarsat BEGAN
Authentication Passphrases (up to 32 characters)
Encryption AES 256 bit
Protocol UDP/IP (RASCOW)
Control Full monitoring and control using an OLED screen, smartphone application, web-based remote control
Preview Video preview, cellular status including throughput, network latency etc
Dimensions 123mm x 160mm x 46mm
Weight 900 grams

Ideal for news gathering and remote sports production, the Smart-telecaster Zao was the world’s first mobile H.265 HEVC hardware encoder and enables full HD (1080i) live video mobile transmission of live events from a remote location to anywhere in the world, with a simple unit attached to the camera. Easy to use, high quality, highly reliable, low latency.

H.265 Encoding
H.265 HEVC encoding which is 50% more efficient than traditional H264. The benefits are mutiple in that the Zao will continue to operate in low bandwidth situations when the mobile phone signal is weak, as well as keeping latency lower that traditional systems.

Bonding Protocol
RASCOW is a protocol developed by Soliton Systems to ensure stable, high-quality image transmission over mobile access networks. It dynamically monitors signal strength on all connected modems, and adjusts in real time.

Compression rates automatically adapted to bit rate
To ensure smooth, lag-free transmission compression ratios and frame rates are dynamically adjusted according to the bit rate. A self-sustaining recovery is made at the time of network restoration.

Audio highest priority
High quality audio is essential. RASCOW technology allocates the highest priority to optimal audio quality and will keep audio going in almost zero bandwidth situations as long as possible where it is impossible to continue video.

Audio Communication (IFB)
The Zao supports an audio jack for headphones to hear commands from HDView (the decoder). The Zao has embedded audio using the Vorbis codec. It supports voice frequencies up to 48kHz.

Stable Transmissions
ARQ QoS network optimization methods are used to keep the transmission stable, even under data loss conditions.

Lightweight and small
Due to its lightweight (900g) and portability, the Zao can be carried either on a small backpack or can be mounted on a camera and connect either via HD-SDI or HDMI to the camera.

Long battery Life
The power consumption of Zao is maximum 28Wh. Depending on the capacity of battery, a 100Wh battery for example, it can be broadcast live for approximately four hours. The Zao can support up to 2 standard external (VLock) batteries giving a total of 8 hours of continual use.

Up to 7 communication lines are supported
The Zao supports up to seven lines. Six USB ports and one wired LAN port.

Communication lines supported
The Zao supports 3G, 4G, LTE, WiMax, Inmarsat BGAN, WiFi, and wired LAN.

Variety of input video formats
1920×540 (29.97p)

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