Sennheiser MKE Essential Omnidirectional Microphone with 3.5mm Connector (Black)

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The black MKE Essential Omnidirectional Microphone with 3.5mm Connector from Sennheiser is a professional lavalier microphone built with a KE4 condenser capsule. It can be used to capture speech and vocals for live stage, theater, and rehearsal applications.

The MKE Essential Omni microphone is derived from the MKE 2, a Broadway standard microphone, with several improvements. Reduced to the essentials, the microphone delivers a warm and distortion-free signal, even at high sound pressure levels. A foam windscreen and a mic clamp are also included.

Meets High Expectations
The MKE Essential small condenser microphone brings warmth and brilliance to every stage voice. Even at high input volumes, the signal remains distortion-free. The updated KE 4 capsule inherits its high standards from the MKE 2, but is suitable for smaller productions.
Made for Sweat and Tears
Highly sensitive on the one hand, stage-safe on the other—the capsule of the MKE Essential Omni is protected against all forms of moisture (typically sweat) by a patented, ultra-light tandem membrane. This not only protects the signal, but also your investment in high-quality miking. All cable connections are also designed for tensile strength.