Sachtler 4.5-7" LCD Monitor Bag

Sachtler 4.5-7" LCD Monitor Bag
Sachtler 4.5-7" LCD Monitor Bag Sachtler 4.5-7" LCD Monitor Bag
4.5-7" LCD Monitor Bag
Material Front Panel: Transparent polyurethane (TPU) shield Bag: 900D polyester nylon
Sachtler 4.5-7" LCD Monitor Bag
Adjustable Padded Shoulder Strap
The fully featured 4.5-7" LCD Monitor Bag from Sachtler is designed to function as a monitor shade/hood, screen protector, and storage bag for your monitor with related accessories. For improved viewing, the envelope style, four-sided hood reduces monitor glare and reflections. An easy-access, front panel shield made of clear polyurethane is designed to protect your monitor from the elements.

Bottom docking slots provide access for connecting the monitor to your camera's mounting hardware. The bag features a zippered top vent for attaching a wireless antenna, and a rear vent for connecting a power cable. For storage, the bag has a rear zippered pocket for a battery or mounting arm, and a rear pouch for small accessories. On either side of the bag is a D-ring for attaching the padded shoulder strap.

Key Features:

Fits 4.5-7" LCD Monitors
Envelope Style 4-Sided Easy Viewing Hood
Bottom Docking Slots for Mounting Bag
Clear Front Panel Shield for Protection
Zippered Top Vent for Wireless Antenna
Rear Pocket for Battery or Mounting Arm
Rear Vents for Connecting Power Cable
Rear Section Pouch Opens for Accessories
Bottom Docking Slots to Mount Monitor
Removable Padded Shoulder Strap Included
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