Pro-X XV-4E Wireless Intercom System 1000m

Pro-X XV-4E Wireless Intercom System 1000m
Pro-X XV-4E Wireless Intercom System 1000m Pro-X XV-4E Wireless Intercom System 1000m
Mfr # XV-4E

Pro-X XV-4E Wireless Intercom System 1000m 

Key Features 

  • More flexible and longer working distance on-site intercom
  • Lower frequency and super diffraction
  • For Multi-camera and large scale on site intercom
  • Full duplex intercom
  • Independent tally modules equipped for real time tally signal

Specs Table

Base Station  
Audio Input and Output Headset with XLR and Headset MIC orGooseneck Microphone and Speaker(Select one from the above two)
Submachines 16 (8 of which are controllable)
Power Input AC IN and DC IN (AC IN preferred)
Cascade Extension Port 2-Wire and 4-Wire (select one)

PRO-X XV-4E wireless intercom system works through wireless signals
without restriction of wires. It’s a flexible solution for mobile shooting scenes.
The working distance of on-site intercom device can be extended to over
1000m and achieves the flexibility of intercom system and good quality of

Lower Frequency and Super Diffraction
Most of wireless intercom systems apply frequency bands of 1.8/1.9/2.4G and
wireless communication works well in open space. However, there’s always
malfunction if is used in a scene that is sheltered or with multi-floor live
XV-4E wireless intercom system applies lower frequency bands with super
diffraction, which enables it to work normally even in a complicated scene and
at the same time maintains clear and unhindered communication.

For Multi-camera and Large-scale On-site Intercom
Generally, walkie-talkies are used for live production, but for the case of multicamera
site, they are not suitable enough. The director will find it very
inconvenient to manage on-site. More importantly, there’s no Tally.
XV-4E wireless intercom system supports up to 16 submachines and it totally
fits in shooting scenes that is multi-camera and large-scale for on-site wireless
intercom.There’s also XV-4 wireless intercom system with no base station. Instead, a
belt pack will be used as the base station. It also supports 16 submachines to
communicate in Full-Duplex for more flexible on-site performance.

XV-4E wireless intercom and Tally system is made up of one Base
Station, several submachines and Tally modules. It features Full-
Duplex intercom and Tally signal transfer between the Base
Station and Submachines, and makes it more convenient for
camerapeople and director to communicate with each other.

Base Station
■ Full-Duplex intercom
■ Up to 16 submachines
■ Ideal wireless intercom working distance up to 1000m (LOS)
■ 433MHz frequency band with the properties of penetration
and diffraction
■ European ISM frequency band with no need of license
■ Multiple working frequency points, avoiding interference
■ Connection with 2-Wire/4-Wire available
■ AC and DC power inputs
■ Antennas can be extended and placed in somewhere with no

■ Full-Duplex Belt Pack
■ Antenna is downward to be better protected during shooting
■ Noise level can be set according to different working scenes
to optimize the performance
■ Self-designed headset is equipped with XLR plug. It’s reliable,
■ comfortable and good at isolating noise.

■ Independent TALLY modules equipped for real-time TALLY signal
■ Dual color (red and green) TALLY indicator
■ Independent installation makes it more flexible to use
■ Built-in lithium-ion battery with 4-step remaining capacity LED display

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