Outside Broadcasting (OB) Van

Designed for up to 16 Cameras

Complete working system with 12 Cameras, Lenses, Tripods. Radio camera kit. BDL AutoScript Teleprompter system. Radio Mics, EIMs.

• Designed for up to 16 Cameras
• Up to 75sqm automatical deployment
• Customized design and materials
• Separated and secured power networks
• Quick and secured deployment
• Automatic levelling system
• Standard and redundant air-conditioning system
• Light structure made of composite
• Customized racks and technical furniture
• Adapted sound and thermal treatments

Other Details:

GVG Kayak HD 3 M/E Multi-format Production Switcher with 3 M/E Control Panel, 8RU frame, 72 Inputs, 36 Mappable Outputs, and 2 Flexible Chroma Keyers per system, and 1 Internal Digital Picture Manipulator (iDPM) per full M/E with 2D plus Perspective, MakeMemo Macros, and 1 V&K Framestore on each keyer bus & YUV Color Correction on each video bus.

Main Features of the Switcher

• 3 M/E Kayak mainframe
• 3 M/E Kayak Control Panel
• 72 inputs, 36 mappable outputs, red. PS
• 4 keyers per ME
• License for 2 flexible chromakeyers
• 4 iDPM chan. ME1 (on per key)
• 4 iDPM channels ME2 (on per keyer)
• 4 iDPM channels PP (on per keyer)
• 6 chan. RAMRecorder with KlipCach

Pixel Power Graphics

3RU Pixel Power rack with Dual redundant power supply, dual CPU, Windows XP Professional operating system, 2Gb DDR system memory, SATA system disk, DVD writer +/- R/RW, dual DVI output PC Express graphics controller, multiple USB ports, RS232 port, 10/100/1000Mb ethernetVTR-Edit:RECORD-REPLAY K2 Dyno Replay System—with features including an intuitive user interface, the K2 media server infrastructure, and increased content/metadata integration—is the fastest and easiest way to create more engaging replays and highlight reels. K2 Dyno Replay Elite Package includes K2 Summit HD/SD production server with DV and AVC-Intra CODECs, 8 x 600GB drives in a RAID 10 configuration for storage of 80 hours of AVC-Intra 50 content, K2 AppCenter Elite with ChannelFlex™, and K2 Dyno Replay controller with application software. Supports replay configurations up to 6 camera iso-records and 1 replay out or 4 camera iso-records and 2 replay outputs (pgm & pvw or 2 independent players.) Also supports up to 2 - 3x speed camera iso-records.

Sony VTR’S

Compact HD record / player. CineAlta HDCAM studio editing recorder.Vision Control/Engineering:GVG Trinix 128 Router frame with 32x64 cardsAudio System: CALREC AUDIO SYSTEM Artemis Light Digital Audio Console, with Bluefin 2 high density signal processing, 240 DSP 32 multilayer faders and 2 Hydra2 I/O boxes.


Body Pack Wireless Microphones and various mics & ear pieces


Cleacom 32 port Talkback System with RadiosCameras/Lenses: CAMERAS 10 X LDK 8000 Elite Triax The LDK 8000 Elite series sets the standard in high-definition production, combining excellent picture performance with unique imaging technologies and unrivaled operational flexibility. It is the only camera available that can capture true progressive HD images, natively and switch instantly between multiple formats and frame rates, coupled with extensive feature set, format and transmission system flexibility. - Multiformat. 16 vector color corrector, selectable Noise Reduction on three different levels, Negative Skin Contours. 2 x GVG LDX80

Canon HD Lenses

• HD Kj 10 Super wide angle lenses x2 • HD HJ 14 Wide angle x 1
• HD HJ17 Standard lenses x5
• HD HJ 22 Tele lenses x 3
• HD HJ x40 Tele lenses x2
• HD DG x60 Tele lenses x1
• Digital full servo kit

Vinten Tripods & Crane

Vinten Pro-Ped Studio Pedestal kits and Vision 250 kits.

I HD Radio Camera kit VislinkOther Equipment And Areas:BDL AUTOSCRIPT PROMPTER SYSTEM -XBox Ultra WinPlus, complete with WinPlus Studio software. Incl. HC/1 opto desktop hand control. 12v XLR Input, 110/240 AC IEC Input. Features on-screen real time prompting. -19" LED Backlit TFT Screen with integral Cue Light, 110-240v.VAT Info:To be confirmedPrice Details:Price included 12 GVG Cameras with Lenses,Tripods.

For more details and order please email: info@unitedbroadcast.com