Nanlux TK Series Soft panel solutions

Brand new, high output, ultra-low profile, soft panel solution created by LED lighting specialists, Nanlux.

Designed around an all new, slimline housing and featuring industry leading Nanlux LED technology, the TK family of low energy panel lights are perfect for use in all manner of TV, film and broadcast applications. Available as a high output daylight source (TK-200/TK-450) or versatile, bi-colour models (TK-140B/TK-280B), the TK Series delivers outstanding levels of naturally soft, yet powerful light, with no sharp edges or shadows.

Nanlux TK Series 200, 450, 140B, 280B - Key Features:

  • Choice of models 5600K daylight and bi colour 2700K to 7500K
  • Fast set up
  • Flicker free
  • Fully dimmable from 0-100%
  • Instant switching between modes
  • Ultra low profile design
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Lightweight
  • Silent operation
  • Selection of on board customizable preset effects
  • Consistent, reliable illumination
  • Wireless and DMX connectivity
Created as a flexible, no compromise, softlight solution, the TK Series features a family of four fixtures, available in a choice of sizes and outputs. Whether choosing the compact 890mm wide or larger 1340mmunits, the powerful, flicker free output is perfect for use in any installation where consistent, reliable light is essential.

The bi-colour 160W TK-140B and 280W TK-280B provide precision colour temperature management, from2700K to 7500K. The intuitive user interface allows users to instantly switch between temperature and intensity to deliver an almost limitless range of lighting moods. Looking for Nanlux shop or Nanlux dealer, contact UBMS. We ca provide best price and fast delivery.

With a CCT of 5600K and high CRI, the 200W TK-200 and 455W TK-450 models provide exceptional levels of ultra-efficient, bright, daylight illumination. The silky smooth, uniform light creates flattering, natural looking skin tones and a refined ambience, which can be particularly effective in broadcast studio and interview environments. Buy Nanlux TK series Soft light from UBMS Dubai.

Fully dimmable between 0 and 100%, all models feature a selection of fully customizable lighting effects to further extend the TK’s creative abilities. For additional flexibility, fixtures are fully compatible with a range of optional light shaping accessories, including honeycomb grid, eggcrates and barndoor.

Keeping you in full control at all times, the TK Series supports on-board control, DMX wired operation with wireless options via built-in Bluetooth, 2.4G and Lumen radio CRMX. Power is supplied via the included A Cadapter or, for the bi-colour TK-140B/TK-280B, using a 14.8V/26V battery (optional).