Moza Mini-MI Smartphone Gimbal Stabilizer

Moza Mini-MI
Record Stable Video with Your Smartphone
Built-In Wired & Wireless Phone Charging
360° Pan Axis
App-Based Subject Tracking
Motion Time-Lapse Video
Ergonomic Gimbal Controls
Exposure/Zoom/Focus Control
The Moza Mini-MI Smartphone Gimbal Stabilizer is a powerful smartphone gimbal that not only provides stable video, but charges and controls your phone as well. A built-in wireless induction charger will keep select smartphone's batteries topped up while it's in the cradle.

If your phone doesn't support induction charging, not to worry. Use the USB cable pass-through to connect to the gimbal's battery. The USB can output up to 2 amps, so even the most power-hungry smartphones should accept the charge. If you find yourself running low on power, plug in a standard USB power bank to add operating time.

Button controls integrated into the gimbal's handle can control your smartphone camera's video functions as necessary within the Moza app. Shot too dark? Use the controls to raise exposure. You can even pull focus and set white balance as well as zoom. Additionally, the app can communicate with the gimbal to track selected subjects, keeping them within frame. If you prefer to manually operate the gimbal, different operating modes are at your disposal. The gimbal can either follow all your motions on all three axes, or lock one, two, or all the axes.

Number of Axes 3-Axis
Rotation Range

Pan: 360.0°
Tilt: 165.0°
Roll: 310.0°
Load Capacity 10.58 oz / 300 g
Smartphone Dimensions Width: 3.62" / 92.0 mm
Ports 1 x USB Micro-B (Power) Input
Moza Mini-MI Smartphone Gimbal Stabilizer
Charging Cable
Carry Bag
Standard Manufacturer's Warranty