LiveU LU-Smart

LiveU LU-Smart
LiveU LU-Smart

The LU-Smart mobile app offers the very latest in bonded transmission technology for smartphones, enabling any mobile journalist to cover live HD news from the field using their own mobile device. Buy LiveU LU-Smart from UBMS Dubai.

The app bonds internal Wi-Fi and cellular connections to reach optimal video quality and resiliency.

LU-Smart supports the most popular iPhone and Android phones and is monitored and managed by LiveU Central as any other field unit.


The LU-Smart enables high-quality, reliable live video transmission on-the-move. Operators can combine available networks to support connection to an external MiFi, enabling the bonding of two cellular connections in a single smartphone. In this way users can bond the phones' internal 3G/4G with external 3G/4G for a very fast uplink from the field.


LU-Smart is part of LiveU's Go-Plan. Go-Plan gives broadcasters the opportunity to maximize their content gathering potential by providing LiveU software access to unlimited users within the organization. Broadcasters are able to purchase a pool of data every month for use among as many LU-Smart devices as they need. Now everyone, from production assistant to journalist to camera person can go live at anytime from anywhere in the world.


LU-Smart boasts an attractive new GUI with restructured menus, superior camera features, including auto focus/manual focus, exposure control and grid, and support for bluetooth audio devices.

The solution supports various video modes such as live, live & store, store & forward, and send from gallery. It also includes built-in metadata support allowing you to send an XML Metadata file to the LiveU server for processing by MAM system.


The Guest Interview feature allows broadcasters and content creators to conduct live interviews with guests from their home/office location without any prerequisites or technical know-how from their side. Producers can simply send a link to the guest’s smartphone (over email/SMS) and quickly get them on air.

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