Ledgo LG-G160 RGB Studio Light


LG-G160 is a smaller size LEDGO MagicHue RGB Studio Light.

Categories: Lighting , Studio

LG-G160, which is 160watts with the same function as LG-G260, not only with same CCT from 2700k-7500k, but also with 7 different lighting effects available, such as Storm, Cop Car, Flash etc. Also, they share the same material and similar design.

Compare with LG-G260, it is more portable for the LG-G160 as it can be powered by one V-mount lock battery, and it is perfect choice for customers who would like the same functional effects as LG-G260 but with lower budget. One more advantage for LG-G160, it is that you can get full power of it with 160watts as total output even though it is powered by battery.

Power Source:48V DC 3.34A, 100-240V AC,

Sony V-lock battery
Illumination(LM):2700K:  9760LM; 7500K:  10880LM
Color Temperature:2700K-7500K
Brightness Control:Dimmer/DMX/WIFI or 2.4G                               

Dimension: 548MM*609MM*149MM

Standard Manufacturer's Warranty