Ledgo LG-100FDA Studio LED Light

Ledgo LG-100FDA
LEDGO 100W LG-100FDA DMX LED Fresnel Light with LCD Screen for studio. (Mfr # LG-100FDA)
Categories: Lighting , Location , Studio

LEDGO offers 100W LG-100FDA DMX LED Fresnel Light with LCD Screen for studio. This light features Ra 95, use molded-LED lamp, low power consumption, high efficient output, Passive air cooling and no noise trouble.

Key Features:

  • Flicker free, 0-100% brightness stepless adjustable.
  • Professional LCD Screen.
  • DMX and manual dimmer control.
  • Focusing: from10° -60° stepless control.

Product Details:

  • Barn doors:  For better adjustment of light direction.
  • Display screen:  Show the function operating data.
  • Locking knob of power adapter: For fixing tight the power adapter, to avoid falling when shaking.
  • U-bracket: To fix the light panel and adjust light direction.
  • Clamping screws: For fixing the lighting on the light stand.
  • Adjusting knob: When rotate clockwise, the lighting become more and more spot light, the smallest angle is 10°, when rotate anticlockwise, the lighting become more and more flood light, the biggest angle is 60°.
  • Power switch: To switch on or off.
  • Dimmer knob: For stepless adjust brightness, user could adjust brightness as their request under different shooting environment.
  • DMX input socket: For input DMX signal.
  • DMX output socket: For output DMX signal.
  • Power input socket: For input of AC/DC power.
  • Power Adapter: For connecting 100V-240V AC power to DC inverting and power stabilizing.
WEIGHT About 5.5kg
BRIGHTNESS Brightness Control: Dimmer or DMX
RA 95

Standard Manufacturer's Warranty