Kupo Steel Baby Boom

Key Features:

Supports 11 lb
Sandbag Hook
5/8" End Stud
Requires Grip Head to Work as Boom
Categories: Lighting , Boom Equipment
The Kupo Steel Baby Boom is a sturdy chrome-plated support that will handle up to 11 lb of gear at its maximum extension of 7.8'. It has a 5/8" end stud and will mount to any grip head via its built-in "ear". The tail-end hook is handy for sandbags and counter-weights. The boom requires a grip head for use, such as the Kupo 2-1/2" Grip Head with Handle
Load Capacity 11.02 lb / 5.0 kg
Finish Chrome-plated steel finish
Mount 5/8" (16 mm) stud end
Slotted ear for grip head
Kupo Steel Baby Boom