Kandao Obsidian GO

Kandao Obsidian GO
Kandao Obsidian GO
Obsidian GO
Your First Professional VR Camera
Weight: 1015g
Recording Media Micro SD Card
Video Coding Format H.264
Standard Manufacturer's Warranty
Design to be the first professional 3D 360-degree camera of VR beginners or experienced innovative content creators, the Obsidian GO features in 8K panoramic photo and 4K VR video capturing with its six synced high-quality lenses and super-easy operation. Its powerful imaging performance, works perfectly with the intelligent stitching software that makes users enjoy the creativity of VR within few steps.

8K panoramic photography

The Obsidian GO shoots up to 8K panoramic photos in both 2D and 3D, generating impressively clear images with rich details, which enables users to produce a batch of high quality 360-degree photos or VR time-lapse with one button operation.

Mainstream 4K VR video

As a good choice to start your VR journey, the Obsidian GO offers reliable 4K video recording with precisely synced lens and automatic shooting system, so all you have to focus on is getting the best shots possible.

Obsidian GO Cases of Application

The Obsidian GO enables the creators or industrial innovators to easily integrate the latest VR technology into content promotion and commercial applications, exercising infinite creativity.

Intelligent post-production

With the help of deep-learning algorithm based software Kandao Studio, the post-production of VR content creation becomes more efficient than ever. Just one click, you can manage the 360° stereoscopic stitching like a pro.

4-hour max shooting time

Compact camera body with a lightweight 1 kg, the Obsidian Go offers up to 4-hour still photos or 2-hour videos shooting with an advanced battery management system, capturing as many immersive contents as you want.
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