K-Tek KSHRN3 Stingray Harness (3rd Generation, Standard)


K-Tek KSHRN3 Stingray Harness (3rd Generation, Standard)

Key Features

  • Reduces Strain of Carrying Heavy Gear
  • 18.5" Spine Length
  • Exoskeleton with Rigid Spine Design
  • Transfers Weight to Hip & Legs
  • Color-Coded & Removable Inner Waist Belt
  • Adjustable to Your Body Type & Size
  • 6 x Mounting Points to Secure Bag
  • Made of Lightweight, Breathable Material
  • Attachment Points on Front & Back
  • Includes Zippered Pouch
Categories: Audio , Audio Accessories

The standard third-generation K-Tek KSHRN3 Stingray Harness is designed to effectively disburse the weight of a gear case or mixer bag for mixers, recordists, and boom operators in broadcast, film, and television production. Reduce back fatigue and enable prolonged shots thanks to the rigid 18.5" spine design, which shifts the burden from your shoulders and back to your hips and legs via a strong exoskeleton and padded hip fins.

The third-generation version brings a more robust ExoSpine and thicker padding while lightweight, porous materials enhance comfort, breathability, and cooling. Color-coded carabiners simplify the process of removing and putting on the harness. The KSHRN3 features an adjustable, color-coded, and removable inner waist belt which, combined with six mounting points, ensures that your bag remains securely held to your body.

Readily adjust the butterfly element (over and under the shoulder straps) on the main exoskeleton to accommodate various body types and sizes. Integrated D-rings, strap mounts, and MOLLE straps offer an assortment of attachment points for accessories.

What's New with 3rd Generation
  • More padding for extra comfort
  • New, lightweight, more breathable materials keep you comfortable and cooler
  • Stronger ExoSpine design
  • Color-coded carabiners speed up taking off and putting on the harness
Key Features
  • Rigid spine design transfers bag weight through the harness exoskeleton, instead of the shoulder and back, and down to the padded hip fins
  • Hip fins comfortably transfer rigid spine load into hips and legs
  • Adjustable, color-coded, and removable inner waist belt
  • Six mounting points to effectively and comfortably secure the bag to the body
  • Adjustable shoulder straps with butterfly design to fit various body types and sizes
  • D-rings, strap mounts, and MOLLE straps on front and back of the harness offer a multitude of attachment points for accessories

K-Tek Stingray Audio Harness Specs

Dimensions Spine Length:       18.5" / 47 cm
Weight                                  2.2 lb / 1 kg, without pouch
                                            2.6 lb / 1.2 kg, with pouch

In the Box
  • K-Tek KSHRN3 Stingray Harness (3rd Generation, Standard)
  • Inner Waist Belt
  • Zippered Pouch
  • Standard Manufacturer's Warranty