For-A FA-9600 Multi Purpose Signal Processor

For-A FA-9600 Multi Purpose Signal Processor
For-A FA-9600 Multi Purpose Signal Processor For-A FA-9600 Multi Purpose Signal Processor For-A FA-9600 Multi Purpose Signal Processor

FA-9600 Specs Table

Interfaces Ethernet: 100BASE-TX/1000BASE-T, RJ-45 x 1
Temperature/humidity 0°C to 40°C/30% to 90% (no condensation)
Power 100 V to 240 V AC ±10%, 50/60 Hz
Consumption(standard) 70 VA (67W) (at 100 V to 120 V AC)
72 VA (68W) (at 220 V to 240 V AC)
With FA-96PS 70 VA (65W) (at 100 V to 120 V AC)
86 VA (71W) (at 220 V to 240 V AC)
With all options installed*6 80 VA (77W) (at 100 V to 120 V AC)
86 VA (78W) (at 220 V to 240 V AC)
Dimensions/weight 430 (W) x 44 (H) x 300 (D) mm / 3.5 kg
Consumables/replacement timing (under constant use at room temperature) Power unit/approx. 5 years
Cooling fan/approx. 6 years

In the Box

  • Operation manual PDF
  • Control GUI software (CD-ROM)
  • AC cord
  • Rack mount brackets
  • Retaining clip for AC cord and HDMI cord

FA-9600- Multi Purpose Signal Processor

The FA-9600 is much more than a basic frame synchronizer. It simplifies all types of video conversion. A newly developed color processing circuit supports the latest gamut and dynamic range specifications, and an optional converter circuit is available for up/down/cross conversion. Offering a wide range of audio processing, core features of remapping and gain adjustment, the FA-9600 can be expanded with optional cards*1 that make it an ideal standalone solution at transmission centers, in mobile production trucks, production studios, news stations, and other nonlinear editing and playout production environments.

Provides HDR and Wide Color Gamut support. Offers exceptional conversion format delivery, including 12G, 4K(UHD), 1080p and HD/SD.

Each of the FA-9600 processor’s two HD/SD inputs includes a frame synchronizer. Because the signal processor features 12G-SDI terminals, optional software opens the door to 4K(UHD) production. Adding an optional expansion card provides four more channels of 3G-SDI input/output or six channels of 12G-SDI distributed output.

Key Features

  • Dual channel frame synchronization, via two SDI inputs and four outputs. Able to switch between two modes to suit the application.
     - Simultaneous 4K/HD mode: Use two internal paths for 4K and HD. Single-channel up/down*2 conversion
     - Dual HD mode: Use two internal HD paths. Dual-channel up/down*2 conversion
  • Extensive professional video format support: 12G*3/6G*3conversion
  • Connectivity with a broad range of equipment; Also equipped with HDMI ports
  • The FA-9600 comes standard with a dedicated application that runs on Windows, providing full access to many functions, and allows a wide variety of settings. Web server
  • functionality is also implemented in the main unit, allowing adjustments*5 to be made to various parameters from mobile and tablet devices.
  • New color processing circuit provides strong support in HD/4K UHD production. Useful not only at input, when converting to unified specifications before input to a switcher or editing system, but also at output - for example, before HDR and SDR simulcasts.
  • Offers conversion between SD/HD and 4K UHD*3 and between SD and HD. Also enables cross-conversion between 1080i and 720p. (For these conversions, only Line1-side conversions effective.
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