Celere HS 36mm Prime T1.5 - Metric , PL Mount

Celere HS 36mm

Celere HS 36mm Prime Lens PL Mount T1.5-T22 (Mfr # 200030)

Categories: Lenses & Optics , Cine , Prime Lens

This Celere HS 36mm Prime T1.5 covers full frame 24x36mm with no vignette. The Celere HS 6K lenses offer dual focus markings so an AC can read from either side of the lens. Each contains a unified eight-leaf iris module.

Key Features:

  • Pleasing out-of-focus textures
  • Dual focus markings to read from both sides
  • Lightweight
  • Beautiful skin tones
  • Vibrant color
  • The right sharpness
  • Good contrast
  • Minimal Breathing
  • Soft Bokehs
  • Aperture Range:     T/1.5- T/22
  • Focusing Range:     33cm (1 ft. 1 in.) – ∞
  • Front Diameter:       85mm
  • Front Filter Thread: 77mm
  • Length/Diameter:    118/90 mm
  • Camera Mount:       PL-mount and EF-mount
  • Weight:                     1050 g (2.31 lb)

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