Axel Technology XTV Suite

Axel Technology XTV Suite
Axel Technology XTV Suite Axel Technology XTV Suite Axel Technology XTV Suite Axel Technology XTV Suite
Broadcast TV Automation Software Suite

XTV Compact HD/SDI, 8TB, rack 4U 19″. 1 play and 1 rec simultaneous, SD/HD. Multiple format (DV, HDV, MPEG-1,2,4, MPG, VOB, WMV, QuickTime, H.264, etc.). Includes Playout, Capture (MPG-2, H.263 codec included), Trimmer and Scheduler freeware. Control of switchers, GPIs and serial devices
Broadcast TV Automation Software Suite


All in one broadcast HD - SD playout
Complete workflow management tools
Multiple codec playout in the same playlist with resolutions and framerates automatic adaption
Multiple formats playout, automatic up/down scaling and aspect ratio adjustment (16/9, 4/3)
File sharing on LAN architecture
Direct file playout from NLE (no transcoding)
Four audio channels controls
TS MPEG2 H264, direct streaming output transport stream MPEG2 and H.264 codec
Automatic management of time during playout (delay/ahead) with filler
Live source fullhandling inside the playlist control of VTR, Switcher,
Multichannel and high availability configurations
Hot Key feature for instant videos playout
Graphic overlay: logos, clocks, tickers, animations
Clip trimming and metadatas for advertisements insertion and graphic contents
User friendly view with explicative colour scheme
A run and system logs for certification
Fast, powerful, reliable and maintenance free
Gross weight 27 kg
Net weight 23 kg
Height 35 cm
Length 60 cm
Volume 142800 cm3
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