AETA Scoopy+ S

AETA Scoopy+ S
AETA Scoopy+ S AETA Scoopy+ S AETA Scoopy+ S

Handy and lightweight, Scoopy+ S can be used in a carrying bag for mobile news gathering, or on a desk for sports, events and interviews. Wherever you are, Scoopy + S helps you to find the best mode of transmission available on site, you have a maximum of possibilities to ensure your live connection.

With the integrated Mobile option, Scoopy+ S supports both voice (and HD Voice™) and IP transmission over 3G / 4G networks. In addition to a coordination function using the mobile network, the HD Voice™ will often be a good way to ensure a backup link when other networks are failing.

By connecting a USB mobile key, Scoopy+ S can also connect to a second mobile data network. Convenient to double the SIM cards and perform a Double Streaming link. In IP mode, the interleaved packet duplication (FEC) technique provides a robust link.

Coming with a free factory SIP account on AETA SIP server, Scoopy+ S offers a “Direct RTP” mode. The “Direct RTP” mode allows you to set up a link over an IP network without using the SIP protocol. Download this application note to see how to use the “Direct RTP” mode.

There are also recording and editing functions. Recorded audio files can be transmitted via high speed FTP over 4G / LTE networks or other IP networks. Furthermore Scoopy+ S can be used as a stereo audio interface thanks to its USB port which allows to connect it to a Windows or Mac OS computer.

  • Dedicated bag with convenient storage and direct access to connectors
  • 2 antennas in diversity for better network reception
  • > 5H autonomy with rechargeable NiMH batteries (6xAA), integrated charger
  • Recording and editing features (high-speed file transmission via FTP over IP networks)
  • Snapshots and settings import/export by SD card
  • Lockable power socket
  • Phantom power
  • Adjustable Opus bit rate during communication to fit network load (12-192 kbit/s)
  • Remote Access: Remote control for all settings and parameters via Internet
  • Included: free factory SIP account (exclusive for the device, on AETA SIP server)
Audio Interfaces
  • 3 balanced mic/line inputs
  • 1 AES input
  • 2 balanced line outputs
  • 2 headphone outputs
  • USB audio interface (mono)
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