ZFC-5HD Zoom and Focus Control



Zoom and Focus Control for LANC*(Sony/Canon) and Panasonic Cameras. (Mfr # ZFC-5HD)


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The ZFC-5HD offers precise and variable zoom speed control available for LANC* (Sony/Canon) and Panasonic cameras, controled by a selector switch. Equipped with a 2-step zoom speed control for LANC* cameras. In addition, the ZFC-5HD is equipped with a focus control button for LANC* and a focus dial for Panasonic cameras.

Exclusively for LANC* cameras, the ZFC-5HD has an on/off remote power switch function which allows your camera to power on/off remotely. This is ideal when shooting with a jib arm or crane. Can be clamped on various equipment: tripod panhandles, jib arm and crane weight bars, stabilizers, monopods, and other accessories.

The end of the cable splits into two parts with 2.5mm submini-jack and 3.5mm mini-jack on each end.

When using Panasonic cameras, simultaneous control of zoom and focus can be achieved by plugging 2.5mm and 3.5mm jacks into the zoom and focus terminals, respectively.

However, some of the Panasonic cameras that released after Aug 2009,the manual iris will switch to auto iris when the Ø3.5 terminal is connected.

*LANC is registered trademark of Sony Corporation


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Length Cable length: 0.7m / 2.3'

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