Add value to your productions by inputting live XDCAM Planning Metadata and EssenceMarks™ using Smartphones, wireless devices or laptops via Wi-Fi or Cable.

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The XMPilot solution uses a compact Wi-Fi module or cable to stream proxy-quality video and audio, as it is captured, to a dedicated application on a laptop computer or smart phone (Wi-Fi-only). The Windows PC/smartphone app-supporting device will make it simple for a director, location producer, production assistant or camera operator to record, log and add EssenceMark™ metadata. This data is returned wirelessly to the camcorder’s recording media for easy access during an enhanced and vastly more efficient XDCAM post production workflow. 

At the same time, smartphone users can relay proxy-resolution video and audio back to head office or a broadcast centre using the phone's own mobile data connection. 

The XMPilot Solution is designed to be as flexible as possible with range of possible implementations. Live logging is also enabled by installing CBKZ-UPG01 option software on a camcorder. When using live logging via cable, the user requires the XDCAM Browser that supports Live Logging. 

For Wi-Fi operation, the CBK-WA01 Wi-Fi module is required, which can be used on any supported XDCAM camcorder. Application software for other portable platforms is currently under development.

Send story or program details from production office or newsroom to the field.
News story slugs and production information can be sent from headquarters or newsroom to field production teams so that acquired material can be quickly put on air, edited or ingested quickly.

Remote display on mobile device of footage as it is captured
The director, field producer, production assistant or camera operator’s mobile phone displays exactly the images that appear in the XDCAM camcorder’s viewfinder, delayed by a few seconds. The delay means that metadata can be input marking the beginning of even an unexpected event.

Metadata template displayed on mobile device application
Each category of metadata, including Good/Bad/Keep/discard can be set out in a template that is emailed to the Field Producer’s mobile phone. Large buttons representing metadata categories and rankings appear in the phone application’s interface.

Simple “one touch” metadata recording according to template categories
Large, clear, user-defined EssenceMark™ buttons on the smartphone app make it simple to tag clips with the appropriate content category.

Location-generated metadata embedded in MXF video file
Location-generated metadata, sent wirelessly back to the camcorder from the smartphone or mobile device app is embedded in the MXF video file stored on the camcorder’s optical disk or solid state memory device. This metadata can be referenced in the MXF production workflow.

File names tied to slug (job) names
This makes it easy to relate file names to the job that they relate to.

Relay proxy-resolution footage back to head office in real-time using phone’s cellular data capabilities (results vary according to coverage)
The XMPilot smartphone application is able to redirect the video stream from the camcorder to remote users (at head office or a newsroom, for example) via the phone’s 3 or 4G data capability.

Planning Metadata tool for Outlook
An effective production tool for Outlook – and a growing number of newsroom systems - that allows directors, location producers, production assistants and camera operators to create planning metadata and transfer to production crews/journalists via email. The story outlines are loaded into the smartphone or mobile device where they are used as templates for inputting metadata relating to material being captured on location.


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