Tota/Omni Gels (5) - Gel Type:Frost



Tota/Omni Gels (Packs of 5), 10 x 12"


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Custom sizes to accommodate Lowel Gel Frames & Rifa
Full Day Blue: Converts tungsten (3200°K) to average daylight. (1/2 & 1/4 strengths available in Rifa Daylight Gels).

ND 3: Neutral density gel reduces light intensity by approx. 2/3 stop without diffusion.

Softens and diffuses. Reduces light intensity by approx. 2/3 stop.

Assorted Gels:
3 Full Day Blue, 1 Frost, 1 ND 3.

Note: Lowel does not supply Polarizing gels. They may be damaged if used close to high-wattage Tungsten lamps.

Choose from:
• Day Blue
Code: T1-70

• ND 3
Code: T1-71

• Frost
Code: T1-72

• Tota/Omni Assorted Gels
Code: T1-78


Size 10 x 12" (25.4 x 30.5 cm)
Weight 2 oz (56 g)

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Recommended Addons

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