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theEvent DSLR hybrid camera rig


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theEvent is a new stabilized rig for shooters designed with wedding, event, or photojournalism shooters in mind. theEvent sports two handgrips, microFinder loupe eyepiece (loupe purchased separately), and microBrace body pad for maximum stability while retaining maximum mobility and keeping weight low.

theEvent Rig Accessories
Follow Focus:
For more critical focus pulling, we at Redrock Micro suggest having a microFollowFocus. By attaching a follow focus to your eyeSpy rig, you add the ability to place repeatable focus marks, as well as allow a camera assistant to pull focus for you with one of our varying sized whips. Our follow focus is cinema standard .8 mod 32 film pitch, and will work with any lens you have coupled with the appropriate sized lens gears.

Want more rod space but want to keep your rig as compact as possible? You now have the ability to add a new set of rods to your camera by mounting the microShoeClamp to your cameras robust hot shoe mount. You can add anything from a monitor or a light in accompany with a microMount, to even a follow focus or top handle off of your camera's new set of hot shoe mounted rods.

DSLR Tripod Platform:
For easy tripod to handheld transitions, add a DSLR Tripod Platform to your order. With the DSLR Tripod Platform, you have the ability to slide your rig onto a tripod in its entirety so you can almost completely eliminate the time it takes you to go from tripod shooting to handheld.


Item Includes

• Standard Manufacturer's Warranty
• DSLR Baseplate
• Two 6 inch 15mm carbon fiber rods
• microBrace body pad accessory kit
• Two Rubberized Hand Grips
• Handlebar rod clamp
• Two 4 inch handlebar rods
• microFinder loupe accessory (loupe not included)

Recommended Addons

Recommended Addons


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