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Triple-Bus Expander Card Kit for ADAM

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A single TBX-Tribus fiber card can link up to four ADAM frames together and allow them to appear as one matrix system. This makes it possible to increase the number of available users on a system by transparently integrating additional frames. The ADAM frame must be equipped with a MCII-e master controller card, allowing the TBX-Tribus to link together multiple frames, allowing users to quickly connect multiple ADAM intercom systems. This functionality can be very useful in mobile production scenarios to tie systems together via fiber using the digital audio of the TBX-Tribus. In this scenario, the MCII-e master controllers are tied together via Ethernet connections. In a failure of the fiber or Ethernet link of one frame, the affected ADAM is automatically isolated as a fully functional 'Island' frame, and the remaining frame(s) function as a normal interconnected system. The TBX-Tribus works in both AIO-8 and AIO-16 frame environments with simple software settings in AZedit intercom software. The TBX-Tribus card is available only with fiber connection, allowing a range of up to 24.8 miles (40km) between ADAM frames. The TBX-Tribus surpasses the Dual Bus Expansion card with its superior channel capability, transmitting 256 audio channels rather than the 128 supported by the DBX.

• 256 Audio Channels per Link
• Interface with ADAM
• New System Architecture
• Optimized for High Performance and System Expansion
• Support for Multiple Distances

TRI Bus SM Fibre - Bus expander (three channels) fibre kit, single mode, max 40km
TRI Bus MM Fibre - Bus expander (three channels) fibre kit, multi mode, max 1.5km


Sampling Frequency 44.1 kHz
Pixel Resolution 24 bits

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