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Production Switchers & Live Systems

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  1. Sony MVS-3000A

    Sony MVS-3000A

    brand: Sony

    Affordable compact SD / HD video switcher with 32 inputs and 16 outputs. (Mfr # MVS-3000A)

    Learn More

  2. Sony MCX-500 4-Input Streaming Switcher

    Sony MCX-500 4-Input Streaming Switcher

    brand: Sony

    Sony MCX-500 4-Input Streaming Switcher. (Mfr # MCX-500) Learn More

  3. Sony AWS-750 Anycast Touch

    AWS-750 Anycast Touch

    brand: Sony

    Enjoy Live Broadcasting or Webcasting. Anywhere. Anytime.

    Learn More

  4. Sony MCS8M Compact Audio Video Mixing Switcher


    brand: Sony

    Compact HD/SD Switcher. (Mfr # MCS-8M)

    Learn More

  5. SAM Kula

    SAM Kula

    brand: Snell Advanced Media

    The most powerful production switcher in its class. 2 M/E Kula Switcher Learn More

    Snell Advanced Media

5 Item(s)

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Do you have a specific creative vision that you want to bring to life? The selection of high quality production switchers is going to be essential for brining that idea to reality. United Broadcast sells a wide range of production switchers that include popular options like the ones developed by Sony, Ross Video and Blackmagic Design.

How to Buy Video Production Switchers

Video production switchers range from really basic equipment to studio-quality consoles characterized by numerous functionalities. Do you need a Sony video mixer or another product? Several key features need to be examined before you make up your mind.

Some switchers come with the ability to convert frame rates and to scale the video input at the same time. If the product you choose lacks this feature, you’ll have to rely on an external scale.

Some other important features to look for include number of inputs and outputs, internal media players, downstream keyers, MIDI and USB connection possibilities and warp generators.

Why You Should Choose Us?

Whether you’re interested in a Sony video mixer or another production switcher brand, we’ve got a vast range of possibilities for you to choose from.

United Broadcast has more than 17 years of experience in the field of broadcast technology. We distribute a big selection of high quality, professional audio/video and broadcasting equipment. Currently, we represent over 80 brands and we’re a leading distributor for the Middle Eastern and African regions.

If you’re uncertain about the video production switcher and other equipment that’s going to be right for your project, the United Broadcast team will consult you and direct you in the selection of the items that will address all of your multimedia or audio-visual production needs.