Grass Valley RS-LDX Integrated Robotic Camera Solution


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Grass Valley

The RS-LDX cameras are Ideal for studio, newsroom, or live production applications by delivering a fully integrated, customization, turnkey solution right out of the box.

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Grass Valley RS-LDX integrated robotic camera solutions are fully integrated turnkey camera system combined with robotics and various options, enabling complete customization in one easy-to-use package right out of the box.

As part of the LDX range, RS-LDX cameras are also perfect for picture matching, and are available in three acquisition configurations, with software upgrade capabilities:

  • RS-LDX Première (switchable 1080i50/59.94 and 720p50/59.94).
  • RS-LDX Elite (switchable 1080PsF23.98/24/25/29.97 (artistic), 1080i50/59.94, and 720p50/59.94), with an optional RGB 4:4:4 1080i output available.
  • RS-LDX WorldCam (switchable 1080p50/59.94 (3G), 1080PsF23.98/24/25/29.97 (artistic), 1080i50/59.94, and 720p50/59.94), including RGB 4:4:4 1080i output.
Key Features:

  • High sensitivity and dynamic range in all lighting conditions
  • Effortless 1080p50/59.94 acquisition with no increase in lighting requirements
  • Switchable video formats—the first 3G-capable compact camera system
  • Secondary color correction
  • Chromatic Lens Aberration and Sharpness Solution (CLASS) removes registration errors caused by chromatic aberrations from the lens
  • RGB 10-bit 4:4:4 output option for highest performance chromakey applications
  • In-camera flip/rotate functionality, without added delay for 3D
  • Flexible mechanical mounting options—easy mounting for robotics
  • Proven reliability for hard-to-reach locations
  • Ignite Automated Production Systems integration


Aspect Ratio 16:9
Weight approx. 2.5 kg (5.1 lbs.)
Optical System F1.4 prism
Dimensions Width: 113 mm (4.45 in.) Depth: 156 mm (6.14 in.) Height: 140 mm (5.51 in.)
Shutter Speed no mechanical shutter
Power approx. 30W
Temperature range -20° to +45°C (-4° to 113°F) (operating)

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