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Sony VCT-SP2BP a Multi-function Camcorder Shoulder Support.


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A compact and light-weight camcorder shoulder support compatible across DVCAM, HDV & XDCAM EX handheld and semi-shoulder camcorder ranges. The VCT-SP2BP provides excellent, three-point support - at the handle, shoulder, and chest - allowing comfortable 'hand-held' shooting for longer.

The VCT-SP2BP also features a unique collapsible design allowing tripod mounting within seconds. Using the supplied quick release adaptors and a VCT-U14 tripod adaptor the VCT-SP2BP gives you enhanced creative and operational flexibility during your shoot.

The VCT-SP2BP camcorder shoulder support is fully adjustable, allowing you to alter the length of the shoulder and chest braces depending on your body size and/or shooting style. The VCT-SP2BP is also off-set giving you the option of using either the Electronic Viewfinder or LCD Viewfinder depending upon your preference.

Accessories such as the HVR-MRC1K Memory recording unit or the battery adaptor for the HVL-LBPA LED light can be mounted at the rear of the support using a standard tripod screw. The VCT-SP2BP has been designed with the utmost flexibility in mind ensuring that it will suit your operational requirements whilst enhancing your creative options on any shoot.

VCT-SP2BP Product Update : PMW-EX3 Compatibility

June 2010 : A minor issue has been discovered when using the VCT-SP2BP Shoulder Support in conjunction with the PMW-EX3

• The diameter of the PMW-EX3 Tripod Hole is greater than the diameter of the VCT-SP2BP tripod screw –resulting in a degree of instability and camera wobble when used together.

• To solve this issue the factory have produced a plastic ‘spacer’ to be placed in the PMW-EX3 tripod hole and reduce the diameter.

• The ‘spacer’ will be supplied with the EX3 from Mid June.

• Customers who have purchased units shipped before Mid June can receive the ‘spacer’ via the normal service route if they are using or wish to use the two products together.


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