Remote Head System



The system capacity is max 4 heads (8 heads for option) with one panel
• Maximum control distance? 1km
• The head can also be used as Crane head.

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• This remote head system is designed to support both hand-held camcorders and portable broadcasting camcorders.
• The entire control system adopts digital circuit and MCU (Micro Controller Unit).
• This enable control system extended to more than 1 km and enhance the system reliability and sensitivity.
• No separate decoder is required for the system configuration, the decoder is integrated in into the remote head instead. So it ensure easy setup.
• Use regular BNC cable to connect the head and control panel. The system capacity is max 4 heads (8 heads for option) with one panel.
• Compatible with portable broadcasting camcorder with either Canon or Fujinon lens.
• Compatible with most hand-held camcorder including Sony and Canon DV&HDV cameras with LANC and Panasonic cameras.
• Smooth pan and tilt movement and enable precise framing.
• The head can be fitted in many position, mounted under ceiling and on 100mm bowl tripod.
• Provide zoom, focus and iris control and variable speed and damping control.
• It can be used as Roamer crane head and control of head if two people operate the Roamer crane system.

• Compatible Cameras: Sony & Canon LANC-enabled DV&HDV camera Panasonic DVX100,HVX200 series?HVX170 series, HMC40, 70 and 150 series Camera with ENG cofiguration
• Compatible ENG Lenses: Canon and Fujinon lens supported
• Maximum Payload: 9kgs/19.84lbs
• Maximum Speed: Pan&Tilt: 360° in 4.5 sec
• Minimum Pan Speed: Pan&Tilt: 360° in 20 min
• Tilt Range: ±360°
• Pan Range: Unlimited
• Head Weight: 5 kgs/11.02 lbs
• Slip Ring: Built-in
• The Power Input: AC198V-264V (AC 100V~264V as option), 50-60HZ
• The Power Supply for Camera: Supported, two output on the head, DC12V for ENG camera, DC7.8V for DV camera
• The Head Power output: DC 12V for ENG camera, DC 7.8V for DV camera, control box power output
• The Control box power output: DC 12V
• The Control distance: 30m/98.4 ft (Power of head is from control box), 1km/0.62 mile (Separate head power)


Pan range / angle Unlimited
Power Output DC12V for ENG camera, DC7.8V for DV camera, control box power ouput (Head)
Tilt speed Pan & Tilt: 360
Pan speed Pan & Tilt: 360
Weight 5 kgs/11.02 lbs (Head)
Payload 9 kgs/19.84 lbs max.
Power input AC198V-264V (AC99V-132V as option), 50-60Hz
Power Supply Supported, two output on the head, DC12V for ENG camera, DC7.8V for DV camera

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